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Strategies for Learning CEC - 2010 Karen J. Rooney. Ph.D. 3108 N. Parham Rd., 200A Richmond, VA 23294 804-747-1883, fax 804-270-3876.

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1 Strategies for Learning CEC - 2010 Karen J. Rooney. Ph.D. 3108 N. Parham Rd., 200A Richmond, VA 23294 804-747-1883, fax 804-270-3876

2 Cognitive Engagement Guide processing Support attention and memory Engage the thinking of the individual Minimize busy work

3 Terminology Advance Organizer Isolation Visual Anchors Memory Jogs Cover Sheets Rephrasing Retrieval Practice

4 Topics Reading Textbooks/Handouts/Websites Reading Literature Writing and Spelling Math

5 Instruction must be systematic structured explicit recursive

6 Target Points Names (proper nouns, capital letters) Numbers (related to time) Terms (unknown words, not just bold) Topics (subtitles, preview/review sections, margins)

7 How was architecture used as a calendar? Newgrange is a burial mound. The burial mound was built in 2500 B.C. and had a unique calendar. A hole was built into the wall at an angle that let light shine into the chamber once a year. When the chamber was lit, the people of Newgrange knew it was a new year.

8 Newgrange 2500 BC chamber architecture as a calendar burial mound When built room 1. Hole in wall 2. Light came in once a year 3. told new year

9 Your Turn!

10 Loch Ness and its Monster In Scotland lies a very famous lake called Loch Ness. Overlooking the lake are several local castles including the famous Urquhart Castle and the Aldourie Castle which adds to the mystique of the area. However, the main attraction is the presence of a large, serpent-like monster named "Nessie".

11 CHAPTER 10: THE NIXON YEARS (Chapter Preview) PeopleDatesTerms E. Howard Hunt1972 White House Conspiracy G. Gordon Liddy1974The Plumbers John DeanWhite House Tapes H.R. Haldeman Gerald Ford The Section Review rather than preview is used in some books or study guides can be used instead of the preview section.


13 E. Howard Hunt G. Gordon Liddy John Dean Add all the items in the preview or review prior to reading and taking notes.

14 Literature Grid

15 Make a chart of all the critical information the student needs to focus on during the story. Generic charts may include characters, setting, names numbers, plot (at least 5 entries to provide structure).

16 Spelling 1. Write the correct spelling on a card or in the first column of a two-column format. 2. Spell the word out loud. 3. Write the word in parts and mark clues (such as small words).

17 Spelling Continued 4. Turn the card or column so the word is not visible and write the word from memory. 5. Mark the clues. 6. Write the word with eyes closed.

18 Writing: Goals, Organization and Upgrading

19 Goals of Writing Make the reader know what I want them to know. Make the reader “see” what I want them to see. What I write is all the reader will have.

20 An Alternative to Outlining An Alternative to Outlining Not Mindmapping, Spidering, Clustering or Webbing Must display the sequence Must organize the “brainstorm”

21 There are many breeds of dogs. breeds of dogs There are so many different types, everyone can have a favorite. Cocker Spaniels Poodles Irish Setters Lab 1 2 3 4 5 Terriers

22 For longer writing assignments, make five wheels to represent the introduction, three main ideas to develop and the conclusion. The five wheels would be placed on one sheet of paper and then each wheel placed on separate sheets of paper. Brainstorm ideas around the appropriate wheel. Number the ideas around each wheel in sequential order for writing. Return to each idea and try to write three details if possible. If an assignment has a designated number of parts such as a book report might have, the corresponding number of wheels can be set up to complete each component. I

23 Upgrading Writing Find the nouns. Add words, phrases, clauses. Find the verbs. Add adverbs, phrases and clauses. Remember the writing goals!

24 Math Concept Cards 1. Clearly identify the topic 2.Write a verbal explanation. 3.Do an example provided by the teacher or the last example from the practice examples on the topic in the textbook. 4. Have the card checked for accuracy.

25 average

26 1. Add the numbers 2. Divide the total by the number of numbers added to get the total. 10 5 30 divided by 3 = 10 +15 30

27 Back to you!

28 A book that sells for $5.48 is 1/3 off the marked price. Here is how you find discount. Divide regular price by 3. ($1.82 and2/3) Round to the nearest cent. ($1.83) Subtract discount from the regular price ($5.48 - $1.83 = $3.65)

29 Strategies for Learning Empowering Students for Success Grades 9-12 Published by Corwin Press

30 Educational Enterprises, Inc. Educational Consultation Learning Strategy Instruction Professional Development Other Materials: Wordstorming and Reverse Diagramming

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