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The Lazarus Ministry St. Bartholomew Church East Brunswick.

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1 The Lazarus Ministry St. Bartholomew Church East Brunswick

2 Lazarus Ministry Martha and Mary sought solace from Jesus over the death of Lazarus. Ministry seeks to bring together caring members of St Bart’s community to aid those dealing with recent death of family member.

3 Goals Bring comfort to the bereaved Death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic things we will have to deal with. Having members of your faith community there at this time can strengthen your own faith and help you deal with this loss. No one at St Bart’s should grieve alone. Support comes not only from individual’s family, but also from the St Bart’s family. It may even be a source of a deepening faith and relationship with God.

4 Goals Explain the Rites of Christian Burial Our Christian faith is here to help support us when dealing with the death of a loved one. Provide follow-up support Feeling of loss is felt even stronger after burial.

5 Lazarus Ministry Immediate support. Personal phone call and possible home visit. Help with funeral mass. Follow up 40 days after death. Referral to Bereavement Ministry.

6 Lazarus Ministry Designed to provide immediate support to a parish family following the death of a loved one. Personal phone call from a trained member of the ministry to offer condolences from the St Bart’s family and assistance. Follow up through the burial and 40 days after the death. Referral to the Bereavement Ministry.

7 Training Formal training offered by the Diocese of Metuchen to: Provide an explanation of the Rites of Christian Burial. Prepare team for proper sensitivities thru situational workshops. Help organize the ministry.

8 Organization Initial meeting called by Msgr. Alliegro in November 2002. 22 members to date. Four teams formed with Fr. Joe Kerrigan’s guidance.

9 Organization Overall Coordinator- Kevin DeMarco First Response Team - Phyllis Shannon Funeral Day Team - Parish Staff Follow-Up Care Team - Lenny Alabanza Lazarus Ministry Growth & Development - Kevin DeMarco

10 First Response Within 24 hours of the parish office being notified of the death of a loved one, a trained member of the First Response team will call. Initial phone call: –Offer our condolences and introduce the Lazarus Ministry. –Ask about basic needs, such as food and transportation. –Offer a home visit.

11 First Response Home visit: A pair of trained parishioners will visit the home and offer condolences on the behalf of St. Bart’s. Offer a prayer for the deceased and get to know more about them. Offer help with funeral planning using published materials.

12 First Response Home visit Explain the function of the Funeral Day Team –St Bart’s parishioners will volunteer to be Lector Eucharist Ministers Ushers Explain the function of the Follow-Up Care Team Follow up phone call 30 days after the death Offer a Novena at 40 days Personal invitation to attend Mass on All Souls Day

13 Funeral Day Team St Bart’s parishioners who have volunteered to be: –Lector –Eucharist Ministers –Ushers If there is sufficient interest, we may expand to participation in the Vigil (wake) and/or Final Committal Rite at the graveside

14 Follow-Up Care Team Initiates follow-up phone call 30 days after the death. Offers and prays Novena 40 days after the death. –Option of novena at bereaved’s home or at St. Barts Sends a personal invitation for bereaved to attend Mass on All Souls Day. Maintains death database.

15 Lazarus Ministry Growth & Development Organize meetings such as this to tell parishioners about the ministry and ask for new volunteers. Schedule quarterly meetings to discuss experiences of the volunteers in their ministry. Arrange yearly meeting with national speakers on the Lazarus Ministry.

16 Lazarus Ministry Hopefully you have a better understanding of this important ministry. Perhaps some of you are interested in helping others by volunteering for this ministry! –Wide variety of opportunities to help First Response Team Funeral Day Team Follow-up Care Team

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