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The Death of Jesus Intergenerational Seminary Session #8.

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1 The Death of Jesus Intergenerational Seminary Session #8

2 Trusting (Luke) No (Matthew, Mark, John) Yes (Luke) Did one of the thieves repent on the cross? No (John: day before) Yes (Synoptics) Was Jesus crucified on the Passover? DayNight When did Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin take place? Triumphant (John) Abandoned (Matthew/ Mark) What describes Jesus on the cross: abandoned, trusting, or triumphant?

3 Seven Last Words XIt is finished XI thirst XBehold, your son XI commend my spirit XToday you’ll be in paradise XForgive them XXEloi, eloi, lama sabachthani JohnLukeMatthewMark

4 Lectionary Palm (Passion) Sunday –Year A: Matthew –Year B: Mark –Year C: Luke Good Friday –Every year: John

5 Gethsemane

6 Jesus in the Garden Mark –Resigned (doesn’t respond to Judas or to the cutting off of the slave’s ear) –Abandoned (young man runs away naked [14:51-52]) Matthew –Extremely similar to Mark (came back three times to find the disciples sleeping, etc.) –Emphasis on Mount of Olives (2 Samuel 15:30-31) –Rebukes the one who cut off the slave’s ear

7 Jesus in the Garden Luke –Less dramatic than Matthew/Mark “As was his custom” No rebuke of disciples, who only fall asleep once –Jesus is not sorrowful to death Faithful to God An angel comes to comfort Him Heals the slave’s ear

8 Jesus in the Garden John –Doesn’t ask God to take the cup from Him (12:27) –Expects Judas (goes out to meet him) –Identifies Peter as the sword-wielder

9 Jesus Before the Sanhedrin, and Peter’s Denial

10 Sanhedrin Trial Mark & Matthew –Witnesses give conflicting testimony –Jesus remains silent, until asked if He is the Christ Mark: “I am.” Matthew: “You have said so.” Both: “And you will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.” –Mark only: unanimous verdict –Matthew only Judas returns money to the chief priests and hangs himself (II Samuel 17:23)

11 Sanhedrin Trial Luke –Trial takes place the following day Night reserved for Peter’s denials Jesus present with Peter (only in Luke) –No false witnesses –Jesus composed (at peace, innocent) John –Trial before Annas, Caiaphas’s father-in-law –Answers are open, defiant –Emphasis on “another disciple”

12 Sanhedrin Trial Summary MarkMatthewLukeJohn TimeNight DayNight Judges High priest Caiaphas Chief priests & scribes Annas False witnesses Yes No Jesus’ answers ClearIndirectObscureDefiant

13 Roman Trial

14 Mark –Second trial before Sanhedrin? (15:1) –Few details (Pilate already knows the story) –Pilate is an empty character (not ennobled), who caves easily to the crowd’s demands Matthew –Only mention of Pilate’s wife’s dream –“His blood be on us and on our children.” (27:25)

15 Roman Trial Luke –Pilate finds no crime in Jesus, sends Him to Herod, who mocks him and sends Him back to Pilate –Pilate intends to set Jesus free John –Involved exchange between Jesus and Pilate –Jesus is mocked (crown of thorns, purple robe) before being convicted “Behold, the man.”

16 Roman Trial Summary MarkMatthewLukeJohn Other Trials 1? (Sanhedrin) 001 (Herod) Pilate’s wife AbsentDreamAbsent Pilate Empty, weak NobleComplex Mocking After sentence Before sentence

17 Crucifixion, Death, and Burial

18 Mark –Three-fold structure: 3-fold prayer in Gethsemane, Peter’s denials, 3 rd /6 th /9 th hours, three groups mock Jesus –OT references “Save yourself” – Psalm 22:8-9 World plunged into darkness – Amos 8:9 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” –Only thing Jesus says in Mark (and Matthew) –Only later do we hear of onlookers –Joseph of Arimathea was “courageous” –Pilate checks to make sure Jesus is dead

19 Crucifixion, Death, and Burial Matthew –Only gospel that mentions wine mixed with gall (Psalm 69:22) an earthquake and the dead rising when the Temple veil is torn guards at the tomb

20 Crucifixion, Death, and Burial Luke –Only gospel that Doesn’t mention mocking by the soldiers –Did the chief priests lead Jesus to His death? Mentions Jews who are not Jesus’ followers but are sympathetic (“daughters of Jerusalem”) “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Has one thief repent (and call Him Jesus, otherwise only done by blind beggar of Jericho)

21 Crucifixion, Death, and Burial John –No Simon of Cyrene (Jesus carries His own Cross) –Women and disciples are at the foot of the Cross Matthew/Mark: women are far away, disciples have fled –Victorious Jesus – mission completed –Only mention of Nicodemus

22 Crucifixion Summary MarkMatthewLukeJohn Penitent thieves 0010 Sayings Eli, eli, lama sabachthani Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani Forgive Thief Commend Behold I thirst Finished Final words Abandon- ment TrustTriumph

23 Theories of Atonement Satisfaction (Anselm, 11 th century) –Predominant in conservative circles Christus Victor (Aulen, 20 th century) –C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia Moral example Inevitable, if not necessary

24 Upcoming Schedule NEXT Wednesday, August 17, 7 PM –The Resurrection of Jesus Wednesday, August 24, 7 PM –Who is Jesus for Us Today?

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