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1 Advisory Committee on Women Veterans October 27, 2009 Ms. Raynell Lazier Chief, Executive Correspondence Division.

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1 1 Advisory Committee on Women Veterans October 27, 2009 Ms. Raynell Lazier Chief, Executive Correspondence Division

2 2 Responsibilities Provide burial space for veterans and maintain cemeteries as National Shrines Administer the Federal grants program for construction of state veterans cemeteries Furnish headstones and markers Administer the Presidential Memorial Certificate Program First Notice of Death

3 3 Status of National Cemeteries Open 70 Cremation Only 20 Closed 40 130 Fort Bliss National Cemetery – El Paso, TX Florida National Cemetery – Bushnell, FL

4 4 National Cemetery Administration FY 2009 – Memorial Programs 352,207 Headstones and Markers Provided 655,752 655,752 Presidential Memorial Certificates Medallion New Benefit (In Design)

5 55 Burial Eligibility of Non-Veteran Parents HR 761, Corey Shea Act sponsored by Rep. Barney Frank (MA) actively being considered by Congress. SPC Corey Shea was KIA in Nov. 2008 in Iraq. HR 761 would apply to parents of veterans killed in a hostile casualty or during training for a combat mission. Veteran cannot have a surviving or deceased spouse or dependent child. If enacted, it would apply to veterans who died on or after October 7, 2001 and for parents after the date the public law is enacted.

6 66 Advisory Committee on Women Veterans 2008 Report Recommendation 19: That N CA enhance targeted outreach efforts in those areas where burial usage by women veterans does not reflect the women veterans’ population by proactively providing burial benefits information to women veterans, their spouses, and their children.

7 NCA conducts a robust outreach plan in support of VA memorial benefits To educate and inform Veterans and their dependents of the burial and memorial benefits provided by VA To encourage Veterans to make plans to use these benefits at their time of need Advisory Committee on Cemeteries and Memorials is briefed and supports NCA’s outreach plan NCA Outreach

8 88 Outreach NCA uses a multi-tiered approach to outreach initiatives to inform Veterans of VA memorial benefits –Participation in national VSO, professional, and other conventions and conferences –Participation in local outreach events by Memorial Service Network and cemetery staffs –Maintaining an informative website (Web 1.0) –Engaging Veterans and the public using social media platforms (Web 2.0) –Ceremonies and Special Events –Brochures, fact sheets, give-a-ways and “A Sacred Trust”

9 99 NCA Outreach

10 10 NCA Outreach 2009 Naval Hospital @ Camp Lejeune 2009 AMVETS Spring National Executive Meeting VVA 2009 State Convention International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association 2009 Public Service Recognition Week 2009 Camp Lejeune Maynia Festival National Image Incorporated TAPS National Convention Veterans of Foreign Wars 127th Annual Funerals Directors Association of Kentucky’s State Convention 80th LULAC National Convention Federally Employed Women Vietnam Veterans of America Marine Corps League National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association 2009 American GI Forum AMVETS

11 11 NCA National Outreach 2009 Washington Women Veterans Summit 2009 Evolving Paradigms II Conference & Expo Fleet Reserve Association AARP National Event & Expo National Funeral Directors Association National Association of Estate Planners & Councils National Congress of American Indians 66th Annual Convention National Veterans of Foreign Wars 2009 Women Veterans Coordinator Training Conference 2009 Cremation Association of North America 91st Annual Convention American Legion Disabled American Veterans SRC Veterans Initiative Conference Religion Newswriters Association

12 12 NCA Outreach 2007 –National Events: 10 –Local Events: 1,581 –Attendance: 203,085 2008 –National Events: 16 –Local Events: 2,792 –Attendance: 361,559 2009 –National Events: 30 –Local Events: 2,762 –Attendance: 468,948

13 13 New Initiatives Social Media –Twitter –Facebook –YouTube –Flickr –Second Live –Mobile

14 14 New Initiatives NFDA TV Reflections: The American Funeral

15 15 NCA Outreach to Women Veterans Distributed burial / memorial benefit information to State women veteran coordinators and VHA Women Veteran Program Managers Link to Info Sheet on NCA Homepage Participating in targeted outreach events around the country NCA’s Outreach Coordinator: – Robin Cooper, (202) 461-6240 Redesigning NCA National Brochure to include representation of women and minority Veterans

16 16 NCA Outreach to Women Veterans

17 Link on NCA Homepage

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