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National Retail Consumer Conference 24 February 2013.

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1 National Retail Consumer Conference 24 February 2013

2 Resomation ® - A viable and proven alternative to cremation with clear environmental benefits Sandy Sullivan-Managing Director Resomation Ltd

3 Resomation®... an environmentally beneficial alternative to burial and cremation developed in response to increasing environmental awareness and to provide greater choice.


5 Resomation Wins Observer Ethical Award 2010

6 Change.... “There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new system. For the initiator has the hostility of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institutions, and merely lukewarm defenders in those who should gain by the new ones” …Machiavelli

7 Why change and why do we need an alternative to Cremation ?  Mercury and other emissions (legislation)  High volumes of ever more expensive and unsustainable gas is used  Carbon Footprint  More Choice for Public  World Population Effect and CO2

8 ~1.7 Billion ~ 7.0 Billion source: World Population

9 source: 1900

10 What are the key Environmental Benefits of Resomation over Cremation ?  No Mercury or other harmful airborne emissions  Uses less than one-seventh the energy of cremation  Reduces cremation funeral carbon footprint by 35%... and like cremation does not use up valuable land for burial

11 1874 UK Cremation Society Declaration “….we desire to substitute some mode which shall rapidly resolve the body into its component elements, by a process which cannot offend the living, and shall render the remains perfectly innocuous. Until some better method is devised we desire to adopt that usually known as cremation” I n June 2008 they changed their 134 year old constitution to allow them to adopt Resomation.

12 Roger Arber -UK Cremation Society “There is no doubt that Resomation is likely to have a great attraction to the ever-increasing environmentally aware public. The Cremation Society has acknowledged this fact and a result altered its Memorandum of Articles of Association to accommodate the process”...2009

13 No “visually pretty“ way to exit  Burial (earth)  Cremation (fire)  And now......Resomation (water +alkali)

14 How does Resomation work? A special biodegradable coffin is placed into the Resomation capsule and instead of fire, uses a water and alkali based method –also known as alkaline hydrolysis to rapidly break the body down in a similar time to cremation.

15 Alkalinity versus acidity Strong Neutral Strong Acidity Alkalinity 1...... 2 ………………… 7..……………… 10..14 vinegar pure water bicarbonate

16 What is alkaline hydrolysis ? A water/chemical process that is found in nature.  A body buried in shallow soil is decomposed to bones mostly….. by the biochemical process of alkaline hydrolysis, expedited by the soil bacteria – a slow process at low temperature and alaklinity

17 The Resomation® Process …rapid alkaline hydrolysis  Uses around 95% water and 5% alkali to hydrolyze the body, expedited by heat in a specially designed horizontal capsule.  Generates:-  (a ) an innocuous sterile, DNA free, water-like Bio- liquid suitable for release to drain and ultimately purified and the water returned to the river /sea  (b) Pure white ash

18 What do we get back at the end? Just as with cremation the bone ash remains are placed in an urn and returned to the loved ones.... compared to cremation you get more ash and it is pure white.

19 Does choosing Resomation instead of cremation alter the funeral arrangements? No.....a funeral involving Resomation is exactly the same as one involving cremation, up to the end of the service....and the cost will be comparable.

20 The Resomation Capsule


22 Is Resomation ® a proven technology?

23 TX FL OR ME MD MOKS CO 8 – States legal 17 – Targeted States (CA PENDING) 25 – Low Priority States WA MT CA AZ WI MI NC TN VA NE IL PA NJ IW OK MN OH WV KY IA NV UT WY ID ND SD NM AK LA SC GAAL MS NHVT CT DE NY MA RI HI AK Population wise:- Currently 54M = 17% legal With CA 90M = 29% legal

24 Three Working USA Installations  Anderson McQueen Funeral Home- Florida  Bradshaw Funeral Home- Minnesota  UCLA- Los Angeles CA

25 Anderson McQueen, Florida

26 Sandy Sullivan & John McQueen

27 Viewing Room

28 Bradshaw Celebration of Life Center - Minnesota

29 Bradshaw Celebration of Life Center

30 From the Viewing room


32 Los Angeles

33 What do the public think? Overall UK market research commissioned by Cooperative Funeralcare shows that the public...  Are generally supportive and positive  Agree it is good to have more choice  Agree new alternatives need introduced  Believe more environmentally sustainable options to cremation are required

34 UK Market Research Virtually a quarter of 45+’s would definitely consider Resomation ® for themselves

35 Although lower than the level of consideration for themselves, nearly 1 in 5 would consider Resomation ® for their loved one

36 Bradshaw Minnesota Public Uptake “ I have been quite amazed at the rapid uptake by our families and already of those who would normally have chosen flame cremation over 75% have went with Resomation (Green Cremation) “

37 Summary of Resomation Benefits Environmental  No Mercury emissions from teeth amalgam  Uses 1/7 th the energy of cremation  Reduces the carbon footprint over a cremation funeral by 35% Other Benefits  Jewellery and implants recovered in pristine condition  Resomation follows same procedures as standard Cremation- no visible change for public.  More choice for the public

38 Change.... ”Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” … Barack Obama


40 Thank you for Listening

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