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Mineral Resources Branch Incentives, professional development and clarity.

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1 Mineral Resources Branch Incentives, professional development and clarity

2 Incentives Mineral Incentive Program Business Development Opportunities One Window Process

3 $700,000/ year Mineral Incentive Program

4 Measuring Program Success

5 Business Development Opportunities

6 One Window

7 Professional Development Online Prospector Training Course Workshops University Courses

8 Online Prospector Training

9 0.40 km 0.25 mi 0.40 km 0.25 mi Mineral Claims are ¼ mile or 0.4 km square. The highlighted claim is: NTS 11E3A Tract 102 Claim A

10 Geologic Materials Bedrock – earth’s crust Till – derived from bedrock through glacial processes Soils – derived from till Boulders Stream sediments

11 Hardness: Soft, easily scratched with a knife, malleable. Shape: Generally irregular, hackly Colour: Bright gold yellow, Lustre: Metallic Reaction with acid: No Magnetic: No Streak: gold Other: Very heavy;19 times heavier than water; 7 times heavier than rock; 4 times heavier than fools gold Location: Common on Eastern Shore Gold (Au)

12 DNR Library General information Aerial photos Government reports Maps Assessment reports & prospectors’ statements Government databases help

13 Community Interests

14 Workshops

15 University Courses

16 Clarity State of the Industry Mi’kmaq Consultation Best Practices for Community Consultation Public Outreach and Education Renewal of the Act

17 Economic Impact of the Mineral Industry in Nova Scotia - 2012 Update - Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Open File Report ME 2013-003 October 2013 4..

18 Mi’kmaq Mining Consultation Table




22 Building Clarity Through Education and Outreach

23 Gem and Mineral Show



26 Mineral Resources Act CHAPTER 18 OF THE ACTS OF 1990 amended 1992, c. 14, s. 61; 1992, c. 37, ss. 1, 2; 1994, c. 36; 1995-96, c. 8, s. 20; 2001, c. 6, s. 118; 1999 (2nd Sess.), c. 12


28 DNR Geoscience

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