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YEAST BREADS FOODS 2 Anderson County High School.

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1 YEAST BREADS FOODS 2 Anderson County High School

2 What is Yeast?  1. Microscopic Plant  2. Favorite food is sugar  3. carbon dioxide forms as yeast ferments  Bakers yeast is a one-celled fungus that multiplies rapidly at the right temperature in the presence of a small amount of sugar and warm moisture.

3 Ingredients o Flour (structure) o Liquid (moisture) o Yeast (Leavener) o Salt (controls yeast) o Fat (Tenderizer) o Eggs (Color, crust tenderizer) o Sugar (Food)

4 Terms to know: o Kneading- only add enough flour to keep the dough from becoming sticky. If you add too much it will slow fermentation time, leaving the final product dry and streaked or heavy. o Fermentation (rising)- Placing dough in a covered bowl (helps to maintain humidity and prevent drying) in a humid warm place. The dough will double in size as CO2 is produced by the yeast.

5 Terms cont. o Punching down- The dough is punched down directly in the bowl with a clenched fist. Evens out temps, redistributes sugars, yeast, gluten, breaks large air bubbles. The bread would have large holes without this step. o Proofing- The final rising that occurs in the pan or on the baking sheet.

6 Terms cont. o Shaping- Bread can take on a wide variety of shapes: braids, rolls, doughnuts, coffee cake. o Oven spring- Sudden dramatic rise of yeast dough that takes place during the first few minutes of baking. o Test for doneness- The bread should be above 195*. Top should be golden brown. Easy to remove from pan. Tap bottom to hear hollow sound.

7 Terms cont. o Cooling- Take out of pan and put on a rack. The crust will get soggy if left in the pan. o Care- Most homemade bread can be frozen if sealed. Homemade bread spoils faster than store-bought.

8 Mixing Methods  1. Standard- Dissolve yeast in water. THEN add milk, sugar, and fat.  2. Rapid mix- Mix yeast with dry ingredients. THEN add liquids. 3. Cool-rise- Mix, knead, and shape. THEN refrigerate to rise. 4. Batter method- No handling or kneading 5. Frozen dough method- Mix and knead, shape into pan, cover and freeze.

9 Yeast Temperatures  105*-115* o When yeast is dissolved directly into liquid o (standard method) 120*-130* o When un-dissolved yeast is added to dry ingredients. o (Mixer method)

10 Shaping (See hand-out) o Baguette o Couronne rosace o Twist o Crescents o Braided loaf o Epi

11 Crust Treatment  Egg wash- Gives the crust a super shine.  Butter- Less shine but deep golden brown color. Good flavor.  Milk- Slightly soft or tender crust, with a dull shine.  Toppings- brush the unbaked loaves with egg wash then sprinkle with: -Poppy seeds-sesame seeds - Caraway seeds -basil - Oregano- Onion - Garlic flakes

12 Slashing  For a decorative, professional look:  Glaze and slash the top after the dough rises, with a sharp knife. Cut ¼ inch into the dough

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