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Inside the Earth What are we walking on?. Earth Layers The Earth is divided into four main layers. *__________ *__________ *_________ *_________.

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1 Inside the Earth What are we walking on?

2 Earth Layers The Earth is divided into four main layers. *__________ *__________ *_________ *_________

3 ____________________ * The Earth’s crust is like the skin of an______________. It is very thin compared to the other three layers. *The crust makes up ______________of the Earth. * The crust of the Earth is broken into many pieces called______________.

4 _______________ The crust is only about 3-5 miles (8 kilometers) thick under the oceans(________________crust) and about 25 miles (32 kilometers) thick under the continents (__________________ crust).

5 The Crust Outer layer 5-100 km thick 2 types of crust –O–Oceanic(very______, made of basalt) –C–Continental (less dense, made of_______________)

6 Granite/_______ Basalt/__________ _

7 ___________________ The mantle is the layer _____________ the crust. The mantle is the _________________ layer of the Earth. The mantle is divided into two regions: the upper and lower sections.

8 ____________________ * The core of the Earth is like a ball of very______________. * The outer core is________________. * The outer core is made up of __________and is very dense.

9 Inner Core * The inner core of the Earth has temperatures and pressures so great that the metals are squeezed together and are not able to move. * The inner core is a solid.

10 Earth’s Layers How are the earth’s layers similar to an egg? Shell=____________ Egg white=________ Yolk=____________

11 Physical Structure of the Earth _________________________- rigid outer layer (crust) __________________________- solid rock that flows slowly (like hot asphalt)

12 _______________ The lithosphere (geosphere) is the “_________" part of Earth. It has ___________parts, the crust and the___________________________. The lithosphere “_________________ on the” asthenosphere. The ____________________are the lithosphere. It is the rocky, solid portion of the crust. Remember that it is made up of mostly _______________( Si) and Oxygen (O).

13 _____________________ This is the layer below the lithosphere. This layer is “__________________________”. It is somewhat solid/liquid. You can say that it is___________________. Very important in terms of_________________________________.


15 _________________________ Earth’s crust is broken into about ____________pieces These plates move on top of the __________________________________

16 Plate Tectonics Plate Boundaries

17 Plate Tectonics In____________, scientist were able to use ________________ ___________and sea- floor spreading to come up with the idea of ______________ _____________________. Plate tectonics is the ________________that the Earth’s ______________and the _______________mantle are __________________into sections called__________________.

18 Plate Tectonics With this ____________________scientists concluded that _________________move around on the_______________– like mantle. How? The lithosphere is __________dense than the_______________________, so the lithosphere “ ________________” on the asthenosphere.

19 Plate tectonics is caused by the internal heat of the Earth ____________________________is the upper levels of the mantle that are hot and _______enough to permit a plastic flow. ______________heat causes convection flows in asthenosphere Molten material from asthenosphere wells up at oceanic rifts, producing seafloor spreading, and is returned to the asthenosphere in _______________________ ______________. As one end of a plate is subducted back into the________________, it helps to pull the rest of the plate along Plate Tectonics

20 Plate Tectonics So what does this mean? This means that _________________can move around and have the _________________to collide, move_______________ from each other. This is what creates_____________________, mountains, and_____________________.

21 Types Of Plate Boundaries On Earth There are three types of plate boundaries: __________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

22 __________________Boundaries The Great Rift Valley in ___________________is a good example of a _______________________boundary, the valley is formed because 2 ____________________plates are moving _________________ from each other.

23 ______________________Boundaries Just like the word says, ___________boundary means that the plates are moving ______from each other. This is the kind of boundary that we talk about with sea-floor spreading. Example the__________________ Plate is moving away from the _______________ American plate. What does this mean for the Atlantic ocean?

24 ______________Boundaries Examples Sea-Floor Spreading would be a good example of a __________________boundary. _________________ is growing everyday, because it ______________in the middle of a divergent boundary- the mid- ________________ ridge.

25 __________________Boundaries ____________________boundaries occur when 2 plates are__________________. There are________ types of convergent boundaries: – _______________________________________

26 Ocean-Continental When the ____________________ crust collides with ______________________crust

27 Ocean- Continental Because __________________ crust is lighter than ______________________crust, oceanic crust will create a __________________zone. Meaning the oceanic crust will _______________underneath the continental crust. This often creates deep ocean trenches and ___________________mountains like the _________________mountains in Peru and the ______________________ in _________________________________.

28 ____________-_________________ When_____________ oceanic plates collide, the _______________ plate will subduct under the ______________dense plate.

29 Ocean-Ocean Boundaries Again, a deep sea __________________is formed, and _______________magma to rise and form new _________________ mountains. The islands of _____________were formed this way. Trenches are formed as well, example the ____________________Trench( Pacific Plate converging with the Philippine plate).

30 _______________-_____________ When ___________ continental plates collide. Since both plates are_____________ dense than the material in the asthenosphere, _______ ______________________occurs.

31 Continental-Continental So the_______________ plates meet and _____________________ up; forming_________________________. Like the __________________mountains in India. They were formed when ________________slammed into the __________________plate.

32 How The Himalayans Were Born. Movement Of _______________and Sri Lanka _________________. Slams into the Eurasian Plate

33 Himalayans These_______ plates are Still colliding.

34 ________________Fault Boundary This occurs when ________________plates are ________________past each other. They slide in ___________________ directions or in the______________ direction. Example: The ______________________in Ca. The ____________________American Plate is sliding past the __________________plate.

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