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Deforming Earth’s Crust

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1 Deforming Earth’s Crust

2 Stress = Force Arrows Stress: Amount of force per unit area
The reaction when rocks change shape due to stress is called Deformation Three types of stress: Compression Tension Shear

3 Compression Stress when objects are squeezed
Occurs at a convergent boundary Force that builds folded mountains

4 Tension Stress when forces stretch an object
Occurs at divergent boundary Mid-ocean ridge

5 Shearing Pushes rock in two opposite directions
Occurs at transform boundary

6 Folding When layers bend due to stress in the Earth’s Crust
Three types of folds are: Anticline Syncline monocline

7 Folds Draw the 3 types of Folds Include Force arrows
Under each drawing identify what type of tectonic plate boundary the fold would occur Answer D

8 Faulting Surface in which rock break and slide on each other
Blocks on each side are identified as Fault Blocks Two sides are identified as: Footwall Hanging wall

9 Faults Take Play-Doh Mold into two blocks
One block should have a footwall One block should have a hanging wall

10 Faults Three types of Faults are: Draw the three faults
Normal Reverse Strike-slip Draw the three faults Answer question F Answer question G

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