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Broadway Boulevard and Downtown Tucson BUILDING CONNECTIONS JON MARENFELD LAR 510 – DESIGN STUDIO I FALL 2013.

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1 Broadway Boulevard and Downtown Tucson BUILDING CONNECTIONS JON MARENFELD LAR 510 – DESIGN STUDIO I FALL 2013

2 The formation of my ideas “Simplicity is a clean, direct expression of that essential quality of the thing which is in the nature of the thing itself. The innate or organic pattern of the form of anything is that form which is thus truly simple.” – Frank Lloyd Wright (The Natural House – 1954)


4 Contemplation Spaces and Plaza Seating

5 Shaded Paths and Seating

6 Shaded Display Paths


8 The Site: North East Corner of Broadway Boulevard and Euclid Avenue (Google Earth: Accessed December 7,2013) To Downtown To Country Club Road

9 Factors considered in site selection  Entrance was near a busy corner which has crosswalks, a bus stop on the north side, a future SunLink stop was planned nearby, and it is in line with the entrance/exit of the “Snake Bridge”.  Despite the noise more space was available for the elements I wanted to construct.  There was less noise near the center of the site and I could use the existing vegetation (mesquites, saguaro).  There were a few fleeting views of the mountains on the east end but since the emphasis was on the connections to downtown my site took advantage of the views of “A” Mountain, the “Snake Bridge”, and the downtown skyline in the distance.  The posters I would use would visually highlight what downtown has to offer, what’s coming, and the Broadway Boulevard Improvement Project.

10 The Program  An approach and entry (threshold) to enter the site proper…The visitors will arrive by foot, bicycle, bus, etc. No matter how the visitors arrive, it is critical that their sense of coming to this special place is planned by you and enhanced by your site planning and design of the facility. This space will include an entry plaza, and a distinct marker forming part of a sun dial to show the starting point for the journey the visitors will experience.  A reception (minor space)…Within the entry plaza this space offers a clear sense of orientation as well as the information that visitors will require to understand the site.  A display path (transition)…This space is more than a connector and/or a transition; it is a spatial experience, which will contain (10 -24x36") pictorial displays of changes to the down town area and how "Broadway Boulevard Project" is progressing and will lead to the contemplation space.  A contemplation space (minor space)…This space should be designed to reflect an understanding of the views from the site and sensitivity to the urban fabric as well as the climactic conditions. It can be a place to find momentary tranquility and gather thoughts.  Other architectonic pieces and landscape elements…Any or all of these spaces may be enhanced by shade devices and sitting surfaces.

11 Concept 1

12 Concept 2

13 Concept 3


15 Ricardo Legorreta  Known for uses of:  Play of light and shadow  Solid geometric shapes  His buildings and houses used:  Thick walls  Gridded windows  Long corridors  Airy spaces

16 Corridors, Shadows, and Play of Light

17 Play of Light and Quiet Courtyards

18 Final Design Using The Program Approach & Entry Entry Plaza & Sundial Display Path Contemplation Space

19 Approach and Entry

20 Entry Plaza

21 Plaza looking toward the sundial and Broadway Boulevard

22 Sundial indicating the date Tucson was founded At noon on August 20 th each year the slit of light passing through the sundial illuminates the cut-out in the boulder. At all other times of the year the slit of light falls beyond, in front of, or beside the boulder.

23 Display Path

24 Contemplation space as seen while standing

25 Contemplation space as seen while seated

26 Comparison between standing and seated positions

27 Display path looking back toward plaza

28 Plaza looking out toward Euclid Avenue

29 Thank you for your time.

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