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Spiders & Their Webs Vocabulary Review Grassy Lake Elementary School Third Grade.

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1 Spiders & Their Webs Vocabulary Review Grassy Lake Elementary School Third Grade

2 Justice If you treat others fairly, then you are showing justice. Now, I will name some situations. If the situation is an example of justice being served, you should clap once. If not, you should shake your head. Ready? Winning by cheating Paying $10 for an apple Studying hard to pass a test Getting praise for doing well

3 Shallow Shallow means not deep. What types of water would be considered shallow? An ocean? A kiddie pool? A puddle? A lake?

4 Task A task is a job that needs to be done I will name some tasks, if the task is difficult, wipe your brow. If the task is easy, give a big grin! Lift a boulder Make a bed Open a door Climb a mountain

5 Prey An amimal that is hunted for food is prey. Now, I am going to name some creatures. If a spider would eat it, you should look frightened. If the creature would eat a spider, then you should act like a predator. Ready?


7 Spiral Spiral means that something curls around and around in a circle. Can you show what a spiral might look like with one finger? Which of the following is in a spiral shape? Curly hairA wound up hose A beach ballA baseball hat

8 Reels If you are reeling something in, you are pulling it in. Read the next two sentences. Which one has the correct usage of the word reels ? The cowboy throws out his rope and reels in the stray calf. Sam reels the coins into his piggy bank.

9 Strands Strands are long thin pieces of something. In which sentence is the word strands used correctly? Strands of fish swam by in the ocean. The fabric was torn and strands of thread stuck out.

10 Social A social animal is one that lives in a group with other animals of the same kind. Where are some places that you might be social? At a partyIn a closet When asleepOn a playground

11 Elaborate Something that is elaborate is decorated with many details. Which sentence is correct? The elaborate dress was covered in ribbons and jewels. The elaborate directions had only one step.

12 Inventive The word inventive means a person who creates or solves something in a new way. If someone does the same thing everyday without changing, are they inventive? If someone is always making up poems and stories, are they inventive?

13 Great job, today! Good luck on the test! Study hard! Love you guys!

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