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Powered by Digital Marketing. Local Service. Powered by Display and Mobile Advertising.

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1 Powered by Digital Marketing. Local Service. Powered by Display and Mobile Advertising

2 Powered by Display and mobile in the purchase funnel Display and mobile defined AdTaxi display and mobile (our offerings) Including display and mobile in a proposal Key differentiators Open Q&A Agenda

3 Powered by Reach in-market consumers Consumer Purchasing FunnelDigital Product Pyramid

4 Powered by Reach Consumers with Intention: Display and Mobile

5 Powered by CNN.COM AdTaxi Audience Sourcing Solution YAHOO.CO M HGTV.COM AdTaxi accesses the largest marketplace of premium ad inventory and leverages premium data targeting to minimize wasted views. AdTaxi reaches more than 10 - 15 Billion impression each day from more than 700 brand safe publishers. Targeting Demographic Behavioral Geographic Frequency Capping Retargeting

6 Powered by Audience Sourcing Choosing the best inventory is an art and AdTaxi has the right strokes to paint the picture for your target audience Efficient Match Data Layer Publishers Target Audience Historical Performance Inventory Preferences Inventory Platform

7 Powered by Leader In Brand Protection AdTaxi self-certify with the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines Ranked highly among rich media and video ad networks in industry trust report compiled by a leading media verification company Full-time brand safety team that manually reviews more than 100 million video ad calls daily Apply white and black listing technologies to ensure ads run only on pre-authorized sites Serve ads only to publishers that are systematically integrated into our platform Partnered with Ad Safe to audit campaigns, prevent invalid placements and help classify inventory

8 Powered by How We Target Audience RETARGETING

9 Powered by Reach your consumer on any device Space shuttle Discovery lands at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

10 Powered by Importance of including mobile Source: Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2012-2017 (March, 2013)

11 Powered by We can target most geographic clusters. Make sure to weight your impression count by population density. By Country By State By DMA By City By geo zone Geo Targeting (display and mobile)

12 Powered by Target prime audience segments Income: $50,000 to $100,000 per year Age range: 25-45 year olds Gender Demographic Targeting (display)

13 Powered by Ex: 25 mile radius of Boulder -by Content -by Behavior -by Demographic Geographic Targeting Targeting 2 2 Ad Taxi is a Digital Ad Network that gives its advertisers an opportunity to reach audiences in any geo zone or DMA across thousands of Australian sites. These are a few examples of some of the websites that your ad can be displayed. Ad Delivery Smart Audience Targeting (display)

14 Powered by Content and device targeting (mobile) Place your message on news & interest mobile sites, targeting users geographically, by device or by interest. Target-by-Content Type News Sports Business Target-by-Device iPhone Android Blackberry Windows Mobile Space shuttle Discovery lands at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

15 Powered by Questions to Ask Where do your customers come from? How far away will they travel? What are their interests? What is the most purchased product or service? How often do they return or repeat business? What is their average age range? Are they predominantly Female or Male? Are their income qualifications to your products or services? What do they read online? Define the Advertiser’s Target Audience

16 Powered by Retarget Users Based on Site Engagement Re-engage with customers who started a shopping cart, but didn’t finish Target customers based on products they searched for Re-engage with customers interested in high-margin products Increase retention by targeting “Shop-A-Likes”      

17 Powered by Users visits your website How Retargeting Works YAHOO.COM DP.COM CNN.COM Users engages other sites User Clicks on your ad User is returned to your website User sees your ad

18 Powered by Questions to Ask What is the main goal you are trying to accomplish with your website (leads, calls, form fills, etc)? How much website traffic do you currently receive (page views and unique visitors)? How long do users stay on your website for? How many return visits do you get to your site? Define website patterns

19 Powered by Industry case study for industry here. Case studies can be found at (username and password are both partner2013 Example of display customers

20 Powered by Reporting and analytics Your News Australia Dashboard helps us optimise your results as part of your monthly review

21 Powered by Track “View-Through” as a Metric “View-through” pixel is served to user along with the advertiser’s ad message… AdTaxi’s “Pixel Recognition Code” is triggered by the existence of our pixel in the user’s browser and records the visit. User sees the advertisers ad but doesn’t click. If the user makes it to the advertiser’s site within 30 days of seeing the ad message…

22 Powered by Why is “View-Through” Important? Not everyone clicks on ads, thus click-through rate doesn’t “tell the whole story”. Combining Click-through’s with View-through’s gives us a total visitation rate, which is a more complete picture, and aids campaign optimization. Research by comScore that has shown that two-thirds of Internet users do not click on any display ads over the course of a month, and that only 16% of Internet users account for 80% of all clicks. comScore confirmed that there is a latency effect and branding effect to online advertising, in which users arrive at the advertiser's website even without clicking. Display campaigns show substantial effects on traffic, sales and branding despite a lack of clicks. According to comScore, exposed users are 38% more likely to conduct an advertiser related branded keyword search over a four week period, and are 27% more likely to make a purchase online.

23 Powered by Always include your on- net display when pitching AdTaxi display. Present display and mobile “as one” with a differentiator of the platform (like we did in this presentation) Include re-targeting as an assumed part of the buy- be sure to get the right information so you can calculate Example: We will put your message on the #1 source for news and information in this market, extend that reach and provide additional targeting options through our partner sites on desktop and mobile devices and retarget users once they have left your site. Best practices

24 Powered by Pair display (desktop, mobile and retargeting) with search: Display advertising generates more search volume, clicks and conversions Effect of display ad exposure on search may is not immediate but is significant “after a period of two weeks” Together, search and display boost brand recall by nearly double! Source: emarketer and Harvard Business, “Do Display Ads Influence Search? Attribution and Dynamics in Online Advertising Best practices continued

25 Powered by Q&A

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