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Ubique Minerals Limited Integrity in mining Ubique Minerals Limited Company Presentation 2014.

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1 Ubique Minerals Limited Integrity in mining Ubique Minerals Limited Company Presentation 2014

2 Corporate Information Ubique Minerals Limited A private Canadian junior mining company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, planning to go public on a Canadian exchange in 2014. Our Mandate Acquire and explore properties that have a high potential of producing economic base metal and gold deposits. Our Focus Further explore and develop our flagship project - Great Northern Peninsula Project (GNP) Daniel's Harbour / Round Pond, our Buchans Wileys and Unknown Brook (NI- 43-101) all strategically situated in Newfoundland, Canada.

3 Ubique Minerals Management Team Ubique Minerals Limited Paul Cullingham, Founder, Director, President and CEO Larry Quinlan, Director, VP of Exploration Ryan Hunter, Director and Corporate Secretary Robert Cook, Canadian Securities Exchange Barry Green, Geologist Amandip Singh, Geologist Leadership Team Advisory Committee For more information, please visit or contact Paul Cullingham at or

4 Great Northern Peninsula (GNP) Owned 100% by Ubique Minerals Limited Located in northwest Newfoundland Comprises two properties:  Daniel’s Harbour  Round Pond Host to numerous Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) zinc sulphide prospects Underlain by prospective carbonate rocks of the Early to Middle Ordovician St. George Group 7 million tons with an average of 7.8% zinc was mined from the Daniels harbour mine An 1982 uncategorized resource estimate of approx. 400,000 tons at a grade of 2% zinc was outlined through drilling within Round Pond. Ubique Minerals Limited

5 GNP Geological Map Index Ubique Minerals Limited

6 Daniel’s Harbour 80 claims over an area of 20 sq. km Acquired by staking Situated around the former Daniel’s Harbour zinc mine 10 km NE of the town of Daniel’s Harbour Easily accessible via Route 430 through a paved road and secondary gravel mine roads Ubique Minerals Limited

7 Daniel’s Harbour Historical Data 1963 Teck develops Daniel’s Harbour mine based on discovery of MVT mineralization near the community of Daniel’s Harbour Teck ceases mining in 1990 2011 Messina Minerals carries out small prospecting and mapping projects Outcropping rock samples graded 46% zinc Float samples graded up to 58% zinc Messina recommends further exploration on a property and regional scale 2013 Daniel’s Harbour is staked by Ubique Minerals Limited Ubique Minerals begins compilation of historical data in preparation for an exploration and drilling program Ubique Minerals Limited

8 30 claims over an area of 7.5 sq. km Acquired by staking 140 km NE of Daniel’s Harbour property Easily accessible through local ATV trails extending south and east of the paved Route 432 400,000 tons at 2% zinc Narex recommended 3-6000 meters to expand on the deposit Potential to expand on Round Pond deposit This type of deposits usually occurs in clusters, offering potential to find higher grade deposits in the area. Round Pond Ubique Minerals Limited

9 Round Pond Historical Data 1982 Narex Ore Search Consultants report an uncategorized resource estimate of 400,000 tons at a grade of 2% zinc Narex recommends additional drilling at 10,000 and 20,000 ft. (3,000 to 6,000 m) to explore extensions to mineralized zone to the southwest and northeast 2009 Round Pond staked intermittently by independent prospectors Buchans Minerals stake Round Pond deposit and surrounding area Buchans Minerals recommends further drilling to further expand Round Pond deposit 2013 Ubique Minerals Limited claims Round Pond deposit to undertake exploration and drilling Ubique Minerals Limited

10 GNP Project Summary MVT lead-zinc deposits account for 25% of the world’s resources GNP contains Mississippi Valley Type sulphide zinc deposits Daniel’s Harbour zinc was discovered in outcrop, which is the preferred method due to the sphalerite-only nature of MVT deposits High resolution airborne magnetic survey data could aid in detecting horizons favourable to mineralization The Daniel’s Harbour old mine area workings of the historic ore bodies have potential for continuing at depth and/or along the favourable breccia horizon Potential exists for further exploration and drilling at Round pond to find the full extent of mineralization. Ubique Minerals Limited

11 Unknown Brook (NI 43-101) Ubique Minerals Limited The Unknown Brook property (NI 43-101) consists of 79 contiguous claims covering a total area of 19.75 square km. The property is located along the eastern edge of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula on NTS Map Sheet 12H/10, approximately 50 kilometers north of the Trans- Canada Highway along Route 420. Historic drilling reported a number of high grade drill core intercepts within the Unknown Brook prospect. Of particular interest are the results from two drill holes (listed in meters) collared approximately 100 meters apart. Note the shallow intercepts. Hole UB-85-01 From 14.60 – 15.10 …. 20.5 g/t/Au From 15.10 – 15.47 …… 9.8 g/tAu From 16.84 – 18.21 …… 2.1 g/tAu Hole UB-85-0 From 30.30 – 30.70 …. 47.4 g/t/Au From 41.63 – 42.18 …. 32.0 g/t/Au From 44.60 – 45.10 ……. 6.0 g/t/Au In 2012, exploration at the Simms Ridge prospect, located approx. 4 km northeast of the Unknown Brook prospect, led to the discovery of a 100 meter-long and 50 meter-wide open- ended soil anomaly. Soil sample values in gold up to 3375 and 1937 ppb were reported. Two quartz vein samples collected from here returned gold values of 26.6 g/t and 17.8 g/t.

12 Quinlan gold in soil anomaly extended to 250 meters in strike length. Open to the NE and SW. Four km to the south, historic drilling reported a number of high grade drill core intercepts within the Unknown Brook prospect. Of particular interest are the results from two drill holes (listed below in meters) collared approximately 100 meters apart. Note the shallow intercepts. Hole UB-85-01 Hole UB-85-03 From 14.60 – 15.10 ….20.5 g/t From 30.30 – 30.70 ….47.4 g/t From 15.10 – 15.47 ….9.8 g/t From 41.63 – 42.18 ….32.0 g/t From 16.84 – 18.21 ….2.1 g/t From 44.60 – 45.10 ….6.0 g/t Ubique Minerals Limited Unknown Brook

13 Buchans Wiley’s Ubique Minerals Limited Buchans Wiley’s property consists of 74 contiguous, map- staked claims, covering an area of 18.5 square km. The property is located on NTS map sheet 12A/15, approximately three kilometers south of the town of Buchans in central Newfoundland and 3-4 km southwest of the past producing Buchans Mine. The Buchans Mine produced 16,196,876 tons of ore at an average mill head grade of 14.51% zinc, 7.65% lead, 1.33% copper, 126 grams/ton silver and 1.37 grams per ton gold. This places it among the highest grade ores in North America. Four km to the west of the property, the Clementine Prospect reported grades of 15% combined Zn/ Pb/Cu over 3.96 meters and 17.4 combined Zn/Pb/Cu over 2.1 meters. In 2013, Ubique Minerals discovered three base metal-rich boulders along the shoreline of Wiley Lake. Boulder 1 returned grades of 10.6% Zn, 1.84% Cu, 2.27% Pb, 26.4 g/t Ag. Boulder 2, discovered approx. 500 meters north of boulder 1, graded 13.5% Zn and 12.2 g/t/Ag. Boulder 3, discovered approx. 500 meters north of boulder 2, returned grades of 3.20% Pb, 1.16% Zn and 9.1 g/t/Ag. The angularity of boulders suggests a local source for the boulders,

14 Buchans Wiley’s Ubique Minerals Limited Covers much of the Wiley’s and Clementine trends, (Buchans River Formation). The Buchans River Formation is host to all known VMS types of mineralization in the Buchans area. Three to five km south of the past producing Buchans Mine and the Lundberg deposit. Lundberg deposit, owned by Minco, currently host to 22 million tons grading 1.62% Zn, 0.69% Pb, 0.38% Cu, and 5.81 g/t/Ag. At today’s prices, that is a value of more than 2 billion dollars. Similar distance from Clementine deposit where Minco is currently carrying out a winter drill program. In 2010, drilling returned particularly favourable results including broad zones of mineralization over intervals measuring 121 metres and 100 metres, including drill core intercepts of 19.5 metres averaging 1.10% Zn, 0.83% Pb, 0.02% Cu, and 1.5 metres grading 3.80 Minco recently was granted mining leases covering both the Lundberg and Clementine deposits. A positive PEA was completed. Minco is conducting a preliminary feasibility study on the Lundberg property.

15 Buchans Wiley’s Ubique Minerals Limited Hole 2944 reported broad zone of alteration. Recommended two more drill holes in vicinity of 2944. Boulders grading up to 10.6% Zn, 1.84% Cu, 2.27% Pb, 26.4 g/t Ag discovered along shoreline of Wiley Lake. The angularity of the boulders suggests a local source for the boulders. See attached photos. View reference map for Buchans Wiley’s property on next slide.

16 Buchans Wiley’s Ubique Minerals Limited

17 Disclaimer Information Ubique Minerals Limited UBIQUE MINERALS LIMITED The foregoing presentation is not an invitation to subscribe for, or the solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for, securities of Ubique Minerals Limited (“Ubique”). This presentation is a summary description of Ubique and its business and does not purport to be complete. Investors are encouraged to obtain independent legal and tax advice concerning any investment in securities of Ubique and should not base their decision on whether to invest in Ubique upon the material provided herein. There are no representations or warranties made herein by Ubique and investors will only be able to rely on the representations and warranties contained in the subscription agreement to be entered into at the time of a sale of securities. This presentation is not to be distributed to third parties without the prior written consent of Ubique. It is intended that any offering of securities of Ubique will be made in reliance upon the availability of exemptions from the applicable registration and prospectus requirements. The document is not, and under no circumstances is it to be construed as, an advertisement or a public offering of these securities. No securities regulatory authority or similar authority has reviewed or in any way passed upon the document or the merits of these securities and any representation to the contrary is an offence. This presentation has been prepared for informational purposes only in order to assist prospective investors in evaluating an investment in Ubique. FORWARD LOOKING INFORMATION This presentation contains forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking information may relate to Ubique’s future outlook and anticipated events or results and may include statements regarding the business strategy, budgets and plans and objectives of Ubique and the future condition of the mining industry in general. In some cases, forward-looking information can be identified by terms such as “estimate”, “suggest”, “potential”, or other similar expressions concerning matters that are not historical facts. These statements are based on certain factors regarding expected growth, business prospects and opportunities. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information. By its nature, forward-looking information involves numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties and other factors that contribute to the possibility that the predicted outcome will not occur. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Certain of the technical information with respect to Ubique contained in the foregoing presentation has been derived from the NI 43-101 ‘Technical Report on the Unknown Brook Property, Licence 20723M” dated December 15 th 2012 written by Qualified Person Elliott M. Stuckless, P.Geo.

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