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Tightening the loose ends Physics

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1 Tightening the loose ends Physics 11-3-14
Forces at an Angle Tightening the loose ends Physics

2 Today’s goal – remediate issues from quiz
Go over quiz as a class In table groups (i.e. new groups), work through guided practice on the whiteboard for the items we had trouble with.

3 Go over quiz as a class

4 Concepts we did well on Vector terminology (6-9)
Resolving a vector into x and y components (1) Adding vectors using the Pythagorean theorem (2,10) Relative velocity (10)

5 Concepts we need to practice
Determining when to use Fnet=ma vs Fnet=sum of all the forces acting in that plane Specific problem types Applied forces at an angle, horizontal surface (3) Forces on an incline (5) Tension at an angle (4)

6 How do you know which equation to use?

7 Forces at an angle example
An object in equilibrium has three forces exerted on it. A 33.0N force acts at 90.0 degrees from the x-axis and a 44.0N force acts at 60.0 degrees from the x-axis. What are the magnitude and direction of the third force? 74.4N, 253 degrees

8 Forces on an incline example
If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the ground a boulder and the mountainside is 0.40, the mass of the boulder is 20 kg, and the slope of the mountain is a constant 30 degrees, what is the force that a person must apply to the boulder to move it up the mountain at constant velocity? 166N

9 Tension at an angle Joe wishes to hang a sign weighing 750 N so that cable A, attached to the store, makes a 30.0 degree angle. Cable B is horizontal and attached to an adjoining building. What is the tension in cable B? 435N, right

10 Problem set practice - forces

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