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2 What is NIST?  NIST is a non-regulatory federal agency under the Dept. of Commerce  NIST promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology  NIST creates new products and develops new standards to improve industry and daily life

3 NIST Internships  There are two internship programs with separate applications: Gaithersburg, MD and Boulder, CO  Each program is 11 weeks long  DATES: May 27-August 8, 2008  Housing, a travel allowance (as needed) and a $4000 stipend are provided

4 Eligibility  Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors may apply  Minimum 3.0 GPA  Must be US citizens or permanent residents  Should be majoring in the sciences or engineering  Should have a strong interest in pursuing a Ph.D.

5 Internship Areas of Focus  Building and Fire Research  Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology  Chemical Science and Technology  Electronics and Electrical Engineering  Information Technology  Manufacturing Engineering  Materials Science & Engineering  NIST Center for Neutron Research  Physics  Chemical Science and Technology  Electronics and Electrical Engineering  Information Technology  Materials Science and Engineering  Physics In Gaithersburg, MarylandIn Boulder, Colorado

6 What do the NIST internships offer?  SURFers work directly with NIST Research Advisors  SURFers participate in a weekly seminar enrichment program  SURFers give talks related to their NIST research projects  Fellows are encouraged to present their results at national meetings  SURFers are encouraged, but not required, to pursue their Ph.D. through NIST collaborative programs with local universities  Research Advisors will be encouraged to visit the host colleges to discuss NIST research  SURFers also participate in extramural group activities

7 Some Previous Internship Projects  Investigation of Hot Particles in Rocky Flats Soil Material  Human Computer Interfaces of Tomorrow: How Science Fiction Has Become Reality  Optimization, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control in Neutron Detector Development  Wind Load Factors for Tall Buildings  Electrostatic Sensing of DNA Using Field Effect Transistors  Trace Detection of Illicit Narcotics Utilizing Ion Mobility Spectrometry

8 Gaithersburg: Boulder: These websites feature:  Detailed descriptions of 2008 research projects  Past internship project abstracts  Information about housing and social life Visit the NIST websites for helpful info Find Out More!

9 How Do I Apply?  SEPARATE applications are required for Gaithersburg and Boulder. Apply to one or both!  You MUST apply through GW  The complete application is due February 1, 2008  Drop off the application at the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research (CUFR), 714 21 st Streeet NW  Contact the CUFR for application help at!  You will hear results by the end of March or early April

10 What do I need to apply?  The application is available at:  Gaithersburg:  Boulder:  PLEASE NOTE: ONLY complete the student application, NOT the institutional application!  The student application requires:  The Student Application Form  Personal statement, including statement of research interests  Resume  Your official GW transcript and all other university transcripts  Two letters of recommendation in signed, sealed envelopes  Verification of citizenship or permanent residency  Proof of valid health insurance

11 Selection Criteria  Student's academic ability and commitment to program goals including:  Evaluation of completed course work  Expressed research interest  Compatibility of the expressed research interest with SURF Program research areas  Research skills  GPA in courses relevant to the SURF Program  Career goals  Honors and activities  Do your research! Visit the SURF homepages and FAQs!

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