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Glacial features UK The Lake District A case study.

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1 Glacial features UK The Lake District A case study

2 Where is the Lake District? Do you actually know where it is in the UK? Why is it called The Lake District? What are the main features of human and physical geography?

3 Helvllyn One of the highest peaks this is red tarn. A lake within a corrie. What are the key features? Steep back wall Corrie lip Arêtes

4 Striding edge This is an arête. It is characterised by a knife edge ridge. How was it formed?

5 Striding edge This is the same picture in winter. There is a path running along this ridge. As you can appreciate many people are nervous walking this ridge. Why?

6 Base Brown What is this feature? Look at how this valley appears to be suspended above the valley below It is a hanging valley How is it created?

7 Skiddaw From the top of this mountain the views are spectacular. But what's the physical characteristics? A ribbon lake Truncated spurs

8 U shaped valley This is Langdale. The features are very obvious. What can you see?

9 Seathwaite This is another U shaped valley but here we can see a river that is much smaller than it’s valley Could this river have created this valley? It is a misfit river.

10 Seathwaite again Are the features any more visible The human characteristics here are Seathwaite mine. This mined lead for pencils!

11 Now What? A large boulder that looks as if it’s been abandoned.

12 Drumlins This is Fylde in Lancashire. But the features can be found in the Lakes. Stalmine a small village near Hackensall, is build upon a drumlin as an area of refuge from the swampy ground. It is known as Hakon’s mound

13 Till Look at the make up of this material? It’s also known as moraine or boulder clay and is found all around the Lake District.

14 Summary A case study is important. Although you know your theory you need to quote place too. Remember the theory doesn’t change! Now do the quick quiz. You will see all these features on our fieldtrip after Easter

15 Thanks to Francine Wilson Jones, Wilnecote High School

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