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Wild Goose Canning th St, Unit B, Boulder, CO 80301

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1 Wild Goose Canning 1750 55th St, Unit B, Boulder, CO 80301
Roger Walz Beer Ambassador

2 Wild Goose Canning History
2005 – started as engineering design and product development firm with machine shop capabilities 2008 – solving canning problems for Boulder brewers 2009 – developed the WGC-100 linear, automatic canning system with proprietary filler, lid placement and seamer with capability of canning 27 cans per minute 2010 – 40 cpm; WGC-50 manual 6 cpm 2012 – 80 cpm 2013 – over 100 WGC Canning Systems installed worldwide

3 Wild Goose Canning Description of WGC Equipment
Semi-automatic depalletizer for full-height and half-height pallets Twist-rinse system to rinse and “clean” cans coming off pallets Linear canning system CO2 purge to rid cans of air Filling heads – designed to encourage laminar beer flow to minimize foam and low-fills Lid placement – hands-free, sanitary placement of lids Lid hold-down – to keep lids from floating off cans Seamer – no-leak double-seaming Rinse Tunnel & Air Knife – removes 99% of moisture from cans before packing In-line Code Dating X-Ray Low-Fill Detection Pack-out Conveyors

4 Wild Goose Canning Flexibility Types of Cans WGC equipment can process
Ball, Rexam and Crown Cork & Seal Aluminum and Steel Beer, wine, cider, water Can Sizes: ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 12 oz, 16 oz, 19.2 oz, 24 oz Can Ends: 200, 202, 206, 209, LOE, Super End Printed cans, labeled cans, sleeved cans

5 Wild Goose Canning Why WGC Canning Systems are Valuable to Craft Brewers Small foot print Low cost Low labor-use to operate Wide variety of can and lid sizes Upgradable – from WGC-50 to WGC-100 to WGC-250 to WGC-500 Cans printed cans, labeled cans and sleeved cans

6 Wild Goose Canning An engineered canning system for craft brewers

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