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Wellesley Trails System Peter Rovick Member – Wellesley Trails Committee

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1 Wellesley Trails System Peter Rovick Member – Wellesley Trails Committee

2 14 Trails Spanning > 25 miles

3 Mission & History Mission: – Develop, promote and maintain the town's trails network History: – Formed in 1993 as an official committee of the NRC, and planning and feasibility studies were initiated – NRC formed the Bike Trails and Walkways Study Committee in 1992, under the chairmanship of John G. Schuler Studies to connect neighborhoods and schools with safe walking and bike trails Key Dates: – 1999: First trail signs designed & installed – 2000: Color-coded maps completed, map houses installed – 2003: comes – 2008: Conversion of all our trail maps to GIS was completed (In cooperation with the Town NIS GIS analysts) – 2009: The Charles River Link was dedicated, a 16-mile, 6-town regional trail connecting Newton through Wellesley to the Bay Circuit Trail in Medfield.

4 About Us Members: – 11 volunteers, including one liaison from the NRC (Natural Resources Commission) – Volunteer subset of the NRC What We Do: – Develop, maintain, & enhance trails – Consider safety, address parking & access, mark new trails, maintain map houses – Lead seasonal walks (4 each every Spring & Fall)

5 In Conjunction With…. Wellesley NCR – Natural Resources Commission Wellesley DPW – Dept. of Public Works Massachusetts DCR – Dept. of Conservation & Recreation CRWA: Charles River Watershed Association Other Local Trails Committees (e.g. Natick & Weston) Wellesley Conservation Council

6 The Guernsey Sanctuary

7 Loop Trail to Sabrina Lake Once part of William Baker’s 1871 amusement park

8 Boulder Brook Reservation



11 Carisbrooke ReservationTrail


13 Charles River Link A 16-mile trail First proposed in Fall 2002 by the Wellesley Trails Committee to the Bay Circuit Alliance Goal: linking downtown Boston with the Bay Circuit Trail in Medfield Trail dedicated on 06JUN09

14 Guided Trail Walks Discover a new trail! Four walks every Spring and Fall Town history, flora & fauna, geological features Example of seasonal walks: Spring 2010 May 1: Beard Trail May 15: Centennial Reservation Trail May 22: Crosstown Trail June 5:Boulder Brook Reservation Trail

15 More Than Walking Trails… Biking (no motorized vehicles) Running/Jogging Cross-country skiing Dogs welcome! – Must be under voice control – Please pick up after your dog

16 Nature in Your Backyard

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