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Advertising Plan of the Boulder Stop

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1 Advertising Plan of the Boulder Stop
Professor Yu Hongyan School of Business, Sun Yat-Sen University 14 April 2017

2 Agenda Executive Summary Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Corporate Strategies IMC Management IMC Objective one Sample

3 Executive Summary What is it? Who is advertiser?
2017年4月14日5时8分 Executive Summary What is it? Who is advertiser? What components? Can you get the logic from it? What are goals about it? Marketing communication plan the Boulder Stop, retail operation The plan includes a promotions opportunity analysis, corporate strategies, IMC objectives, plus all relevant advertising, promotion, personal selling, sponsorship, and database programs. Finally, a media plan and methods of evaluating the success of the IMC plan • Gain market awareness for the retail operation in the Bend/Redmond, Oregon area. • Establish both an Internet program and a direct marketing program to supplement retail operations. • Prepare viable advertisements, sales promotions, sponsorships, database programs, and other marketing communication tools for consumer markets. • Create a workable channel communications program with the firm's suppliers. • Develop a useful communication program with other service businesses.

4 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Background Positional market: two offerings Marketer and customer Espresso and climbing gear () Communications Analysis Competitive analysis Opportunity analysis Target market analysis Customer analysis Market segmentation strategy

5 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Communications Analysis Summary or Background Retail operation Internet and direct marketing programs findings

6 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Communications Analysis Competitive analysis Who are competitors? Why? What are their weakness and strength? Try to summary the attributes or dimensions to evaluate Who is the major competitor? Why? Would you design questionnaire to do competitive analysis?


8 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Communications Analysis Opportunity analysis What means opportunity? What needs are not met well in the climbing market? Why the report mention e-commerce? Who is heavy user? What needs for heavy user? Would you describe the profile and consumption behavior of heavy user? Why partnership is an opportunity? Try to summary the opportunity

9 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Communications Analysis Target market analysis (trend) Who are target market? What are market trends? (Growth) growth vacation 25 climbing 30 Coffee 15 2001 2005 retail customers 18000 website 1500 direct mail 500 partnership 700 20700 53800

10 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Communications Analysis Customer analysis Geography Demography Needs Physical needs Social need One sentence Growth Direct and web Retail US customer 80 90 European customer 15 9 other conuty 5 1 age 18-34 15-45 male 75 72 femal 25 28

11 Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Market segmentation strategy What is segmentation? Who is target market? Why is it? How to meet their needs? What is channel distribution for target market? Attractiveness of each market segment analysis how to do this survey?

12 Corporate Strategies

13 Corporate Strategies Corporate Image Strategy
Brand Development Strategy Brand Positioning Strategy Distribution Strategy Business to Business Public Relations Strategy Evaluation

14 Corporate Strategies Corporate Image Strategy
What is the image of The Boulder Stop? Who is target market? Brand Development Strategy What is brand and brand elements? What is the brand name? tell us the meanings What is logo? What is symbol? What is his slogan? Explain it

15 Corporate Strategies Brand Positioning Strategy Distribution Strategy
What is positioning? What is positioning for Boulder Stop? Why is it? How to explain for three market? Distribution Strategy What is distribution strategy ? Business to Business Omit

16 Corporate Strategies Public Relations Strategy omit Evaluation
What metric will be measure? How to do it? What is scale?

17 IMC Management IMC objectives IMC Budget Agency Selection
awareness, relationship, reciprocal agreements IMC Budget why? Agency Selection What is full service agency What products does the Ralston group provide? What dimension will think over to choose agency? Internet Website Why to use website What content for a website?

18 IMC Objective one (consumer)
Create awareness of The Boulder Stop Advertising, promotion personal selling sponsorship, direct marketing Budget IMC Methodologies Media Plan Evaluation

19 IMC Objective one (consumer)
Budget Month Growth

20 IMC Objective one (consumer)
IMC Methodologies Advertising Goals Advertisements provided by agency Creative brief

21 IMC Objective one (consumer)
Creative brief Objective :awareness Target audience profile What variables to describe the target’s profile Message theme High quality gear and atmosphere all under one roof Means end chain Attribute, benefit, personal value, leverage points, execution framework.

22 IMC Objective one (consumer)

23 TV


25 IMC Objective one (consumer)
IMC Methodologies omit Advertising Consumer promotions Coupons and premiums, contests and sweepstakes Tagline: Personal selling Sponsorship programs Database programs

26 IMC Objective one (consumer)
Media Plan Media Frequency Budget Evaluation Why to evaluate How to evaluate the awareness How to measure retail store traffic How to deal with direct mailing program

27 Sample Sample Logo Sample consumer advertisement


29 Mini Test 如果广东盐业委托您为澳洲湖盐制定一个广告计划,你需要做哪些工作。

30 Question and Answer

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