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Caroline Eader  Boulder Outlook Hotel  Boulder County Recycling Center  Eco-Products, Inc.  CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle.

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1 Caroline Eader

2  Boulder Outlook Hotel  Boulder County Recycling Center  Eco-Products, Inc.  CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials)  Zero Waste discussion with Eric Lombardi, Executive Director of Eco-cycle Inc.  City of Boulder Environmental Affairs Office  Boulder County government – Boulder County’s Zero Waste Resolution  Western Disposal Inc.  ReSource (A used building materials reuse facility)  Boulder County Jail Compost center.  Eco-cycle's award-winning school recycling program  University of Colorado at Boulder  St. Julien Hotel: Sustainability discussion and tour of a luxury hotel.  Lunches - Zero Waste box lunches and/or dining at Zero Waste restaurants.  Evenings - Recommendations provided for Zero Waste restaurants of your choice.

3  Boulder's first Zero Waste hotel


5  Eric Lombardi, Executive Director of Eco-Cycle Inc.

6 f



9  Steve Kurowski, Marketing Manager for Eco-Products, Inc., Eco-Products, Inc.

10  Electronics  Athletic shoes,  Textiles, etc.  #6 White Block Foam Packaging  Big Durable #2 Plastics  NEW! Bicycles and Bike Parts  Books & Manuals  Toilets, Sinks and Urinals

11 “Landfills are like black holes, where resources go in and never come out… as the world's population explodes and its resource base shrinks, we can't afford that.” Eric Lombardi Executive Director of Eco-Cycle




15 Discussion with Eric, "If not an incinerator, then what?"

16  Lunch at Old Chicago, a Zero Waste restaurant  Meet with the restaurant manager & tour the kitchen


18  Policy discussion and tours  Jonathon Koehn, Environmental Affairs Manager


20  Will Toor, Boulder County Commissioner and former mayor of Boulder who was instrumental in the implementation of Boulder County's Zero Waste Resolution.  Sustainability issues of Boulder County  The role of government in promoting ZW concepts and programs

21  Hauler's regulations  Business Practices  Tour of composting operations, transfer stations, etc.

22 Western Disposal, Inc.  Bryce Isaacson, VP of Marketing and Sales and Gary Horton, President



25  Used building materials reuse facility

26 Spencer Villwock, Deputy Director for the Center of Resource Conservation

27  Construction & demolition waste takes up 25% - 30% of area landfill space.  ReSource accepts donations of reusable building materials and then resells them to the public at great prices.  Everything at ReSource has been donated by homeowners, businesses, contractors or deconstruction experts. Because ReSource is a 501c3 non-profit, donations are tax-deductible.  ReSource promotes waste reduction through innovative landfill diversion programs.

28 Boulder County Jail compost center

29  The program provides for the collection of recyclables from all 53,000 students and staff in 85 Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley public schools (two districts).  Educational presentations are given to over 38,000 kindergarten through 12th grade students in approximately 1,400 Boulder and Broomfield County classrooms annually.

30  GREEN STAR SCHOOLS:  Launched in 2005  Boulder County and Broomfield County schools are the first in the nation to move towards Zero Waste by addressing every aspect of each school’s waste stream.  Large scale composting of food waste and non-recyclable paper from the kitchen, cafeteria, classrooms, offices and bathrooms (paper towels) has cut participating schools’ trash by one third.  Another third is diverted by the recycling program.

31  A Waste-Free Lunch campaign  Extensive and ongoing training for staff and students is integral to the program.  Currently, 17 schools are part of the program and more will be added each year.

32 Ralphies Green Stampede 80-90% diversion No public trash cans ~ 25 attended zero waste stations All recyclable or compostable packaging concession contract requirements (5 points) Portion control, bulk condiments, souvenir cups Finished compost returned to CU Fry oil refined locally Scoreboard visuals/press box announcements

33 Campus Building Standards: “design for recycling”  Recycling container space provided in:  offices  copy/computer rooms  vending areas, lounges  classrooms  storage rooms  loading areas/outdoor storage  Combination of litter & recycling receptacles  secured to the ground with a removable liner  available at convenient points on campus  Floor plans reviewed by Recycling Office prior to approval of plans


35  Zero Waste Box lunch at Chautauqua Park


37 Berry Best Smoothie Company

38 Caroline Eader Thanks to Kai Hagen and the University of Colorado for photo contributions.

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