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® (With apologies to George Lucas) City of Boulder.

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2 ® (With apologies to George Lucas) City of Boulder

3 CITY OF BOULDER Utilizing Instrumentation Technology and SCADA to Improve Solids Flow at the Presented By: Leigh Rickert, Maintenance Supervisor Scott Kennedy, Inst./Control Technician

4 Liquid Stream Flow Headworks Trickling Filters Solids Contact Secondary Clarification Primary Clarification CL2 & Liquid Stream Effluent 17.5 MGD Average NTF Tower (20% of Flow)

5 Primary Clarification Secondary Clarification Gravity Thickeners Anaerobic Digester Complex Solids Stream Flow 5 Dry Ton Per Day

6 Solids Stream Flow Anaerobic Digester Complex Co-Generation Two 1.25 MG Digesters Solids Processing by Centrifuges Two 0.5 MG Thickened Biosolids Storage Tanks

7 Semi-Dewatered Biosolids Recycling by Land Application CITY OF BOULDER

8 Gravity Thickener #2 Doppler Sensor Heads Doppler Flow Meter Gravity Thickener / Primary Pump Station Rotary Lobe Pump

9 Primary Pump SCADA Monitoring / Control

10 Date of Sensor Installation CITY OF BOULDER


12 Gravity Thickener #1 Blanket Level Sensor 4-Channel Controller Transducer Head CITY OF BOULDER

13 Gravity Thickeners Transfer Pump Station Thickened Transfer Sludge Flow

14 Transfer Pump SCADA Control Screen

15 Gravity Thickener SCADA Monitoring

16 Gravity Thickener Control Screen

17 Process Control System Hardware GE Fanuc Automation GENIUS I/O System 90/70 PLC, w/Ethernet Comm. CITY OF BOULDER

18 Process Control System SCADA Software Intellution FIX32 ver. 7.0 HMI/SCADA Developer - Future Plan Calls for Upgrade to iFix (Fix Dynamics) GE Fanuc Automation Cimplicity Machine Edition Ladder Logic Programming Professional Edition, ver.3.0

19 Questions? Comments? Thanks You! City of Boulder Wastewater Treatment Facility 4049 75th Street Boulder, CO 80301 303-413-7340

20 Thank you, Steamboat!

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