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Seminar on Premium Quality precious stone jewelry.

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2 Seminar on Premium Quality precious stone jewelry

3 Precious Stone Any of the several gems, including the diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire that have high economic value because of their rarity or appearance are called precious stones.

4 According to the tradition there are nine precious stone which are popularly known as Navaratnas, the nine gems.

5 We have proven expertise in manufacturing jewels studded with three such important and beautiful gems.

6 Ruby Emerald Sapphire

7 Ruby Ruby is one of the three most preferred highly priced gemstones, the other two being the emerald and sapphire

8 Ruby is a pink-red gemstone

9 The ancient Hindus texts describe ruby as Ratnaraja or “The King of precious stones.”

10 Widely used in Asian countries

11 The brightest and the most valuable red called “pigeon blood-red”, commands a high premium when compared with other rubies of similar range.

12 Emerald Emerald is a green gemstone.

13 In Indian Vedic tradition emerald is associated with the goddess of knowledge “Saraswati”.

14 Wearing of emerald increases one’s concentration and enhances memory. It increases reasoning and learning abilities of the individual who wears it. It is highly preferred by students and various artists such as singers, dancers and musicians, for invoking the grace and blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

15 Wearing of emeralds also helps in curing disorders such as asthma, stammering and spondylosis.

16 Sapphire Sapphire are mainly in deep blue color.

17 According to legend the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, were made of sapphire. Theses are so strong that if a hammer is swung against them, it is the hammer that breaks and not the tablets.

18 Sapphire is known as Neelam in Indian traditional astrology.

19 These are associated with “Shani” or Saturn.

20 The use of Neelam is highly advised by astrologers to please the God Shani and to ward off the ill effects of “Shani Mahadasa”.

21 Wearing of sapphire jewelry leads to calming and healing effects, in the individual.

22 What determines the quality of stones? C olor C ut C larity C arat Weight 4 C’s

23 C olor Ruby:Pigeon Blood Red Emerald :Green Sapphire:Deep Blue

24 C ut Ruby: Bangkok Emerald : Jaipur Sapphire: Bangkok

25 C larity Ruby: High Grade (Prem. Qlt.) Emerald : High Grade (Prem. Qlt.) Sapphire: High Grade (Prem. Qlt.)

26 C arat Weight Ruby: Max. Wt Emerald : Max. Wt Sapphire: Max. Wt

27 Geographical Area Ruby: Burma Emerald : South Africa Sapphire: Burma

28 About Premium Quality precious stone jewelry 22 carrot gold One and only at Hyderabad Many years of tradition Most preferred jewelry of many South Indian households Gradually gaining global popularity

29 Why do ladies prefer precious stone jewelry? Radiant and glittery with many hues Highly suited over a wide range of dresses and color combinations An asset to your wardrobe

30 Value for money, which makes it worthy investment. Natural, so most compatible in terms of general health Unlike diamond studded jewelry, which only offers white color, precious stone jewelry offers a myriad of colors

31 Long lasting Devotional Match with traditional murals on the temple structures such as gopurams All through the history most sought after and favorite among royalty Last but not least Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth have them too and most of the Indian Kings & Queens

32 Manufacturing of “Premium Quality recious Jewelry” Stones are hand picked and assorted with utmost care and delicacy The ornament designs are first created on paper Then sampled in silver Then crafted in Gold

33 Now the gems are very deftly studded by our skilled artisans The ornaments are subjected to very stringent Quality Checking (QC) protocols Finally packed and tagged. Specialist artisans from communities with great tradition Recruited from the states of West Bengal and Gujarat Around 80 artisans working at various levels of product manufacture.

34 Premium Quality precious stone jewelry Eye catching and readily attracts Genuine and authentic Status Symbol Fulfillment of quality requirement Commercial precious stone jewelry Pale and fades off Lesser alternative Just a Jewelry Compromise on quality

35 Commercial precious stone jewelry Just another product Limited Durability Serves only temporary purpose, not at all an investment option Premium Quality precious stone jewelry Value addition Long lasting Ideal investment for future

36 Advantages of Selling Premium Quality Precious Stone Ornaments

37 Who is World’s most favorite Jeweller?

38 Precious stone jewelry is the favorite of “World’s favorite jeweler!” – Joy Alukas

39 Who is Worlds largest seller of precious stone jeweller?

40 Joy Alukas is – World’s largest seller of precious stone jewelry offering, the largest range of precious stone jewelry.

41 It is a treasure house of designs offering a rich variety. We recruit top class talent from premium schools of design across India. Joy Alukas are the largest sellers of precious stone jewelry and Meenashi jewelries are the largest manufactures of precious stone jewelry. Customers are assured of the value that these premium products bring to them. Joy Alukas offers uniform standard international quality products across the globe through a wide retail network.

42 The design and pattern we choose for a specific product line is consistent with all the products. Symmetry and more importantly the aesthetic aspect is the fine line of difference that separates us from the rest of the flock. We have a wide customer support base that is always at your service.


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