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Solution For Transporters

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1 Solution For Transporters
Present’s Solution For Transporters Solution For Transport Management in Tally.ERP 9

2 PARIVAHAN PRABANDHAN – Solution For Transporters
An overview of Pain & Cure for Transport Management System

3 Customers Pains & Problems
Transport Management work revolves around daily terms such as Truck/Lorry, Driver, Diesel, Pick up Party, Delivery Party, Distance between destinations, time required and so on. Effective management of all this for small scale to large scale business has not been easy, due to many reasons like changing economical scenes, fuel rates, wages, customer expectation and cut throat competition around. Without an effective solution to manage resources well and bring efficiency from in-house saving, effective management of available resources and readily available information to take quick decision around and be competitive causes inadvertent loss, reduced profit, loss of opportunity and business on declining trend. This puts forth the need for better managed and controlled transport management business. Few common need of most of customers we interacted Need of an Automated system where they put required daily entries and it should automatic generates the reports required for their business. An Integrated Solution which can help you to manage records of multiple things like Drivers and their expenses, Hired/Owned Trucks and their Trip details, etc. No repetitions of the work and perfect control on system operations. Access instant reports which can be available in multiple formats.

4 What do we offer & How do we help you?
We offer solution for this problem as Add on that takes care for Transport Management. This solution is developed on Tally.ERP9 as Platform and easily integrates with accounting and other correlated process for integrated working of business. Since end result for every business process/operation is measured in term of operating efficiency, profit/loss statement, customer satisfaction, we build a solution which is catered to meet above need. Since Tally has pioneered the Accounting and Finance Management need in the region considering various central/state TAX need, a custom solution built on top of this could be more effective than any other solution outside that does not provides guarantee for well integration with In-house used accounting and finance system and compliance to legal and taxation need of industry. In Simple Language we call this custom solution as Parivahan Prabhandhan. Parivahan Prabhandhan offers easy management of resources such as Truck/Lorry/Vehicle, Driver, Diesel, Destinations, Parties and is well integrated with Tally’s Accounting/Finance/Taxation features by creating auto journal entries to the ledgers/vouchers in accounting system and thus maintains accurate record of trip expenses, trip earning, running of vehicle , fuel consumption/cost [as per current fuel cost] and generates various report to measure effectiveness at vehicle, driver and other parameters.

5 Few Salient Features of Solution
Solution Helps to Maintain Records for All Vehicles operating in the fleet. Drivers assigned to the fleet and their Monthly Salary and accounting associated. Source and Destination and distance between them Measurement units for Goods being transported Receiving and Delivery Party Details and Accounting associated Fuel price and consideration for periodic variation in fuel price Documentation need for each vehicle/driver such as insurance expiry, driver’s license expiry, Fitness, Tax due dates etc. Accounting for other parties such as Fuel Pump, Loading/Unloading expenses, Vehicle Maintenance etc. Solution Generates Auto Journal Entries for Fuel Consumption, Fuel Pump Accounts, Freight charges for Parties and Running expenses such as Advance by Driver, his daily allowance account etc. Freight Due Report for Truck Number/Driver/Party. Freight charge report for Trip/Weight/Qty. Performance report for Vehicle/Driver/Trip/Destinations. Report for each Vehicles Running Vs fuel consumption Multiple reports/multiple formats generation as per need of business such s driver- wise/vehicle-wise etc.

6 Few Salient Features of Solution
Solution Provides Capabilities/Features to Multi-trip Facility wherein Vehicle returns to base post multiple deliveries in between and system maintains details of freight received/distance travelled/fuel consumed/time taken for complete duration to give clear picture of trip’s performance. Group creation based on Vehicle category and generation of reports accordingly. Integration with Tally’s Accounting feature to maintain accounts details for each trip/vehicle/driver etc. Solution Built on Tally.ERP9 as platform so solution integrates tightly with accounting of business and helps to automatically correlate various interlinked parameters and results in accurate report generation.

7 Trip Slip Form

8 Diesel Consumption Report – Some filters are available on right side,
We can use them to filter the data.

9 Freight Receivable Report - Multiple filters are available on right side,
User can use them to filter the data.

10 Freight Payable Report - Multiple filters are available on right side, User can use them to filter the data.

11 Tally Boys Bill Summary – Summary of all bills of specific party, specific period.

12 Tally Boys Bill Format for printing

13 OUR EXISTING CLIENTS Sethia Transport Co. Ltd, Raipur
Raghav Associates, Raipur Tirupati Transport, Raipur Jai Ambey Roadlines, Raipur Arvind Sing Bhatia, Kharora Harpal Singh, Raipur Indrapal Singh Chawla, Raipur

14 HIG-1,Sect no.1, Near Vardan Hospital, Shankar Nagar, RAIPUR – 492001
Contact Details… Office Address HIG-1,Sect no.1, Near Vardan Hospital, Shankar Nagar, RAIPUR – CHHATTISGARH Contact Numbers / / Website: Thank You

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