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Impacts and Projections from State Support for Recycling & Manufacturing Mike Atchison October 27, 2011.

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1 Impacts and Projections from State Support for Recycling & Manufacturing Mike Atchison October 27, 2011

2 Main Topics Our growing partnerships in TN Aspects of the new Jobs4TN plan Examples of manufacturing & recycling Opportunities for more participation

3 Growing Partnerships Our thanks to SERDC and the TN Recycling Coalition for organizing TN Recyclers Day in Nashville on April 26 th. Rep. Judd Matheny

4 State Partners Thanks to Mike Apple, Larry Christley, and Joyce Dunlap who worked for 3 years on the statewide Solid Waste Reduction goal. Also, thanks to Will Sagar (SERDC) and Jay Bassett (EPA) who spoke on August 3, 2010. The revised rule only lacked two votes passing!

5 TDEC’s Recycling Hub Projects Goal : Build successful regional partnerships between cities and counties across TN. Thanks for the support of Will Sagar (SERDC), Denise Paige (TML), and David Connor (TN County Commissioners Association).

6 Jobs4TN Plan April 21, 2011, Gov. Bill Haslam announced our new economic development strategy. A key objective is to grow more jobs through better support for existing industry. Six key clusters were identified where TN has a competitive advantage.

7 Key Clusters

8 Jobs4TN Plan ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty realigned our field staff into 9 districts for better interaction with existing business. 26 people to spread the word about recycling. Recycling is good for business!

9 ECD will join forces with partners who have laid the groundwork for success. Recycling is another way to stimulate our economy. Our Helpful Partners Recycling Exchange

10 2003 Business Recycler of the Year (TN Recycling Coalition) ISO 14001 certified facility 2010 Energy Star Manufacturer of the Year (U.S. Dept. of Energy and EPA) Examples

11 Located in Manchester, 1 hr from Nashville Uses recycled PET plastic to make car parts Products - carpeted floor mats and trunk liners Supplier to Nissan and other auto makers 2010 data: $150 million annual sales, 323 jobs Expanded 3 times since 1999! VIAM Manufacturing

12 Announced March 9, 2011 New 44,000 sq. ft. building opening Jan. 2012 Creating 70 jobs; $32M capital investment Will produce carpet fiber from recycled PET Feedstock: 12M lbs/year of clear water bottles Fiber to make seats, door panels, headliners VIAM expands again! JVC VICAM

13 Located 30 miles north of Nashville Factory has produced Electrolux and Frigidaire gas and electric ranges since 1974 This month, they announced a 21,000 sq. ft. expansion; 75 new jobs; $5M cap. investment In 2010, this facility recycled 27,554 tons of mixed metals plus boxes, pallets, and oil Electrolux Springfield

14 New factory announced on December 15, 2010 North American Cooking Products Center $190M capital investment; 700,000 sq. ft. bldg. Scheduled to open next summer; 1,200 jobs Will make variety of ranges, ovens, & cooktops Same commitment to sustainable practices Electrolux Memphis

15 Electrolux Floor Care Ultra-active Green Made from 55% recycled materials (more if certain high-grade recycled plastics were available) Its 1350 watt motor is 33% more energy efficient than similar vacuums HEPA exhaust filtration system Company will buy it back at end of service life

16 Summary - 2010 According to SERDC’s study, TN has more than 30 manufacturers who rely on recycled content feedstock with $4.3B in sales, providing over 6500 jobs.

17 Recycling Goals With encouragement from EPA and 2007 state policy, we’ll make more feedstock materials available. TN should be able to recover 14% more beverage containers and 10% more paper and cardboard. We’ll divert those materials and get it into the hands of manufacturers or brokers.

18 Sustainability TN companies committed to recycling: International Paper Company Nissan North America Volkswagen Group of America Dell Computer Corporation Eastman Chemical Company Nike, Inc.

19 Nissan’s Leadership Ken Srebnik, Manager of Corporate Planning, will be speaking at this week’s summit at Lipscomb University in Nashville.

20 VW Chattanooga Rain water collection system used for cooling and restrooms will save 350,000 gallons/year Outside sodium vapor lights will use only half the energy of typical outdoor lights. 10,000th car built last month!

21 More Stewardship FedEx’s Memphis locations have collected more than 5.3 million pounds of paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal for recycling in the past few years. The Memphis Super Hub employs 4,000 people during the day and 8,000 at night. $100B economic impact over last 10 years

22 Feedstock Skeptics What concerns some manufacturers? Cost Profit Quality Amount Dependable Convenient Red tape

23 Greater Participation Increasing private sector recycling Industrial engineering studies (UTCIS) Annual facility’s management review Market research to support decision Readily available feedstock Field visits by advocates Trade organizations Good publicity Conferences Success stories

24 Contact Information Mike Atchison, Manager Office of Special Projects TN Dept. of Economic & Community Development 312 Rosa L. Parks Ave, 11th Floor Nashville, TN 37243-1102 Phone: 615-532-9047

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