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Using Off Campus Library Services © Off Campus Library Services.

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1 Using Off Campus Library Services © Off Campus Library Services

2  How will you know what is available?  Where will you go for information?  Can you get information readily?  You will need more than just Web based information found by “Googling.”

3 OCLS pages provide links to resource materials of many different types: ◦Journal articles ◦Books at IWU (or other libraries) ◦Reference materials ◦Company information ◦Title list of journals available at IWU ◦Web page links …and more…

4 OCLS Home Page:

5  Select useful topics that will stretch your potential in the business world.  Know how to navigate the myriad of library resources available at IWU and perhaps other libraries that you may be able to access.  Know which resource is the right one to use depending on the topic or need you have for research, e.g. do you need articles, books, statistics, company information, country information, overview information, etc.

6 Each database has a unique purpose! Learning the purpose of each one will save you time and help you locate quality information so you can share yourinformed opinion—not just your opinion!

7  But first, you need to download a handout provided by OCLS that lists the databases available and gives their purpose.  You may want to take notes on the handout as you continue with the PowerPoint.  Download at: ases_handout.pdf (Link or copy and paste). ases_handout.pdf

8 Assignment 1:  “Write a 3-5 page paper on Corporate Culture using 3-5 sources, including books and journal articles…” 1. Searching for books…

9   Then click on: Library Catalog (under Books).



12 Use the default, Keyword, or, use the dropdown to search by Subject, Title, Author. Click on: Search. Remember, in the library catalog you will find books and videos, not articles !

13 Click on the blue title link for information about the book.

14 You can request this book from OCLS

15 These databases are used most often for journal articles on business topics: ◦Business Source Complete (EbscoHost) ◦ABI/Inform Complete Using Business Source Complete database…

16 Click on: Business

17 Select: Business Source Complete database (or any of the named databases for finding articles on business topics).

18 Authenticate using your last name and last 8 digits of your 14 digit number on your student ID card. If you do not have this yet, email or call OCLS (see contact info below).

19 Enter your subject in the search box Search by Subject Terms Note the ability to Limit

20 Many articles are available full text online for you to view, print, save, or email. Some may available from Marion. Others may be available via interlibrary loan.

21 HTML or Text Format PDF Format

22 Assignment 2:  “Write a paper, showing the pro and con of illegal immigration...”

23  Opposing Viewpoints is an excellent database for pro/con, or controversial issues  As with all databases, start at the OCLS Home Page ◦Click on General… (under Article Databases) ◦Select Opposing Viewpoints ◦Authenticate with your last name & 14 digit library number

24 Select: General Resources (this database is cross- disciplinary) Select: Opposing Viewpoints

25 Type in your subject, then click on Viewpoints OR Click on: Issues and choose their recommended topics.

26 By clicking on: Issues on the entry page, you see that your topic of Illegal Immigrants is one of the options.

27 On this page, you have many options to get content On your topic: Overview articles, Videos, Expert Picks, Viewpoints, Reference articles, News articles. All are available full text!

28 Continue on to Part b

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