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©Salum International Resources1 Peak Performers’ Qualities Self-Analysis Template.

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1 ©Salum International Resources1 Peak Performers’ Qualities Self-Analysis Template

2 ©Salum International Resources2 Outline Use each slide as a Checklist for your individual analysis. At the end, design an Action Plan to meet your improvement needs. Contents: Purpose Principles Inspiration Change Energy Congruency Transcendence Affirmations

3 ©Salum International Resources3 Sense of Purpose They live their life based on contribution instead of survival They know what they want and why

4 ©Salum International Resources4 Principles They determine "core competencies” necessary for excellence in their field They utilize the concept of "rules” They take acceptable risks

5 ©Salum International Resources5 Inspiration They find motivation through passionate commitment They have strong family and friendship networks

6 ©Salum International Resources6 Change They have a high degree of tolerance for chaos and ambiguity They generate rather than judge ideas They change their questions to change their focus

7 ©Salum International Resources7 Energy They work smarter, not harder They have a keen sense of their use of time They practice systematic relaxation and reflection They practice mental rehearsal They are deeply committed to some physical activity

8 ©Salum International Resources8 Congruency They have congruency between publicized and authentic values They utilize the power of rewards and consequences

9 ©Salum International Resources9 Transcendence They challenge popular notions and their own limiting beliefs

10 ©Salum International Resources10 Peak Performers Say: I am motivated and have a mission with realistic and measurable goals. I accept complete responsibility for everything I think, say, feel, and do. I look for the window of opportunity in every situation and know that I will learn from every experience if I choose. I always help others to do their best, and I encourage everyone to contribute something.

11 ©Salum International Resources11 Peak Performers Say (2): I correct my course when I reach an obstacle. This way, when things go wrong, I am still headed in the right direction. I expect and appreciate change It does not overwhelm me because I am prepared. I stand up for my own opinions and values and respect others. I am able to manage myself I do not require instruction every step of the way. I am not afraid of making mistakes or of taking reasonable risks.

12 ©Salum International Resources12 Peak Performers Say (3): I am my own coach I engage in positive self-talk and rehearsal. I am a life-long student I am always ready to learn, and I know growth takes sustained effort. I know myself well and still expect to find hidden talents, resources, strengths, weaknesses, energy, and interests. I respect reality both pleasant and painful. I engage in self-confrontation and do not blame others.

13 ©Salum International Resources13 Peak Performers Say (4): I readily forgive others and myself and correct mistakes when possible. I am patient, kind, gentle, and compassionate with myself. I have no need to prove I am better or worse than anybody else.

14 ©Salum International Resources14 Salum International Resources

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