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We Can Help You Get There! Thinking of competing?.

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1 We Can Help You Get There! Thinking of competing?

2 Types of Sanctioned Competitions Canadian Classic (chicken, ribs, pork, brisket) Whole Hog Competition Premier Amateur Competition Canadian Amateur Competition

3 What do I need? Get the fire in your belly! Get some equipment and then fire in it! Get some recipes Get some friends Get an application Get to the comp Get cooking!

4 Equipment? Anything that cooks with wood is a good start. World championships have been won on Weber Smokey Mountains and UDSs (Ugly Drum Smokers) Different types: –UDS (Make your own) $100+ –Kettles (Weber One-Touch) $200+ –Pellet feed (Traegers) $500+ –Ceramic (Green Egg) $1,000+ –Hybrids (Black Olive) $1,800+

5 Butt…. Meats cooked in a Canadian Classic Competition Chicken, ribs, pork shoulder/butt (bone in), brisket Develop a rub and/or sauce recipe Practice on your neighbours. Make lots of friends Perfect your recipes and procedures. Be able to reproduce a distinct flavour profile Get your butt to a competition!

6 Is it easy to enter a competition? Barbecue is friendly! And you already know how to cook….. Chances are at your first competition, someone nearby will discover you’re new and they’ll take you under their wing. Strangers in the next tent? Barbecue is the best example of the saying “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet!”

7 So, what does it take? A checklist of all the bits and pieces you’ll need to take with you is readily available on our website. It ain’t rocket science… (don’t forget the tongs!) Really the only two things that you need to consider are your time and money. Time is usually from Friday suppertime to late Saturday afternoon. Costs include the meat; cooking appliances; tents and equipment…and that’s pretty much it.

8 Is it easy to enter a competition? Check on the web for nearby competitions Unless you’ve got really “big ones”, start in an Amateur event to get a feel for the action. Keep an eye on yourself. Timing is everything and an enjoyable beverage might make time seem somewhat irrelevant.

9 Confirm your team and divvy up the jobs. Develop your own checklists and notes and then become fastidious in watching them. Check the comp website for last minute announcements. Check your email for last minute emails. Pack the car/van/truck/trailer and get goin’! Is it easy to enter a competition?

10 Enjoy the drive. We want you to arrive alive. Check in at the site and get setup. Meet your neighbour. Enjoy another refreshing beverage. Attend the cook’s meeting, the pot luck social and then start cookin’ (according to your finely rehearsed schedule, of course) Is it easy to enter a competition?

11 Get your turn in boxes prep’d Pack em with your delicious entries Turn them in on time Start clean up Go clap at the awards ceremony knowing that one day “The Call” will be for your team. Is it easy to enter a competition?

12 Congratulate all the winners Congratulate your fellow team members for surviving your first competition (adjust according to competing frequency) Clean your site and travel home thinking all the way about how your gonna tweak that sauce to make it just right. Is it easy to enter a competition?

13 Congratulations! Now your on your way to becoming a first class BBQ team. Sounds easy? Is it easy to enter a competition?

14 HA! But you’ve got to start somewhere! Is it easy to enter a competition?

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