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Solano’s Integrated Planning Process (IPP) 21 July 2009.

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1 Solano’s Integrated Planning Process (IPP) 21 July 2009

2 Overview New Processes –Three-Year Plans –Operational Proposals –PERT Resources –Appendices –Electronic Copy of Document and Forms –“IPP Presentations On Demand (IPPPODs)” Key Dates

3 New Processes: Three-Year Plans Tied into program review/evaluation process (SLOs, SAOs, instructional program reviews, &c.) Revised to reflect emphasis on evaluation plans and outcomes, including “Core Four,” and linkage to other plans Focus on programmatic level and include only items that WILL be done Managers responsible for quality control

4 New Processes: Operational Proposals Follow same path as “Strategic Proposals” Address a unit’s needs that require special funding/staffing NOT readily available to the unit Address new or enhanced programs/activities within a unit May involve one-time or on-going funds Must NOT contravene existing budgeting or hiring processes

5 New Processes: PERT Responsible for evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of all College planning processes Will review timelines, resources, procedures, and output of program review/evaluation, planning, and budgeting at all levels Responsible for evaluation of the extent to which the College is addressing all set goals, objectives, and accreditation requirements

6 Resources: Appendices Current Strategic Goals & Objectives Cross-reference of CCC and SCC Strategic Goals & Planning Agenda All Planning/Evaluation/Reporting Forms Handouts Evaluation Examples (to be published)

7 Resources: Electronic Version of IPP IPP available on College web site –Cross-linked information –Downloadable forms –Accessible from off-campus Available date: fall FlexCal (?)

8 Resources: IPP Presentations on Demand “IPP-PODs” –Geared to user’s standpoint –Presented by PERT member(s) –Scheduled at unit’s convenience –Available for follow-up presentations/Q&A Coordinated through Office of R&P

9 Key Dates 15 AUG – Proposals submitted to Review Group(s) for Evaluation 1 OCT – Receive status update from Review Group(s) 1 NOV – Receive status update from SGC 15 FEB – Receive status update from FaBPAC 1 MAR – Receive notice of final disposition 1 MAY – New proposals submitted to RG(s) 15 MAR – RG(s) provide initial critique 30 JUN (year +1) – Evaluation report due


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