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0 1 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Overview and Status of EMS Projects Road Ecology Meeting February 26, 2009.

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2 1 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Overview and Status of EMS Projects Road Ecology Meeting February 26, 2009

3 2 EMS Portfolio DEA is pursuing an integrated information system, the “EMS Portfolio,” with management and metrics tools that can efficiently process and deliver "product" information to stakeholders and decision makers while contributing to and drawing upon the corporate knowledge. While key components of the EMS Portfolio will be integrated, each will provide stand alone capabilities and functionality. Each component addresses a set of challenges and opportunities identified in the business process review of environmental planning.

4 3 EMS Portfolio Projects Overview Standard Tracking and Exchange Vehicle for Environmental Systems (STEVE) – Currently in development Preliminary Environmental Analysis Report Tool (PEAR-Tool) – Currently in development Partnership Portal – Future development, in concept Right of Way Inventory – Currently in development, independent GIS tools

5 4 What are the STEVE and PEAR-Tool? STEVE is a simple-to-use web-based application that provides a standard framework for managing environmental projects and documents (covers the entire environmental process) PEAR-Tool is a GIS Mapping Tool available throughout the STEVE application

6 5 STEVE and PEAR-Tool Project Organization Steering Committee – Statewide Managers – Cross Functional Representatives Implementation Team – Core Team (7) – District Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team (150+) – HQ SME Team (20+)

7 6 STEVE and PEAR-Tool Core Team Core Team are the representatives and decision makers for the districts/regions; Core Team currently includes: – District 4: Joseph Mihelarakis – North Region: Tammy Massengale – Central Region: Susan Schilder – District 7: Cheryl Henderson – District 8: Kurt Heidelberg – District 11: TBD, No current representation – District 12: Chris Flynn

8 7 STEVE Project Status Currently in Step 4: Application Design & Development

9 8 STEVE Step 4 Application Design & Development Phased approach: – Phase I, In final development and testing – Phase II, Special Project Report (SPR) completed August 2008; Awaiting external approvals – Phase III, To be outlined in 2010 Feasibility Study Report (FSR)

10 9 PEAR Request Specialist Scoping Reports for PEAR PEAR Document Create Environmental Studies Request Environmental Commitments Record Project Management Tracking Tools Limited Mapping/GIS Component (PEAR-Tool) CE Forms (possible inclusion in Phase I) STEVE Step 4 Phase I Scope of Work

11 10 STEVE and PEAR-Tool Intranet Site

12 11 STEVE Test Screens Log In Page

13 12 STEVE Test Screens Welcome Page

14 13 General Project Background Agency Roles NEPA/CEQA Environmental Document Environmental Studies Agency Coordination and Permitting Environmental Commitment Compliance STEVE Step 4 Phase I Project Management Tracking Tools

15 14 Project Management Tracking Tools

16 15 Project Management Tracking Tools

17 16 Specialist Reports Detailed Mapping/GIS Component (PEAR-Tool) Document Creation and Tracking Module Research Module Limited Permit Module Interagency Data Sharing Framework Pre-construction Environmental Module STEVE Step 4 Phase II Activities

18 17 Phase III Scope is still to be determined, but is anticipated to include: Detailed Permit Module Mitigation Module Oversight Module Construction Environmental Module STEVE Step 4 Phase III Activities

19 18 Partnership Portal The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) – Congressional act that reauthorizes transportation funding and provides statutory guidance to State and regional transportation planning agencies SAFETEA-LU Section 6001 addresses several federal requirements during the planning process, such as consultation and discussion of potential mitigation activities that could benefit from improved information sharing.

20 19 Partnership Portal Concept is to improve the planning consultation process through the creation of an interactive web-based tool called the “Partnership Portal” – Provide resource and permitting agency staff a readily available web-based interface to exchange accurate and up-to-date information – Facilitate conservation and resource planning activities and education

21 20 Questions and Comments Questions and/or comments on the EMS Projects? View DEA’s EMS Website: Contact Sally Yokoi at (916) 653-6806 or

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