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Room Data Sheets – The Concept © Steve Foott 2004.

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1 Room Data Sheets – The Concept © Steve Foott 2004

2 Project Information Most Projects have a list of the approved finishes that can be applied. Most Projects have a list of approved fittings and fixtures that can be used. Most Projects can be split up into rooms or specifically defined areas. Some Projects have specific environmental or usage requirements. Continue……..

3 Project Information (continued) All this Project information can be combined into a simple database to produce a set of data sheets that detail exactly what finishes fittings and fixtures belong to any room within the project. Continue……..

4 ETC SKIRTING CEILING FINISH WALL FINISH FLOOR FINISH LIST OF FINISHES LIGHTING SANITARYWARE HEATING ELECTRICAL LIST OF FITTINGS MORNING ROOM CLOAKROAM RECEPTION HALL ENTRANCE HALL SCHEDULE OF ACCOMMODATION Report Options Allocation by Room of Fittings and Finishes Fittings Usage For each fitting, the total number required and which rooms they are used in. Room Data Sheet For each room a complete specification of finishes fittings and if required environmental requirements Finishes Schedules Sorted by each finish showing which rooms use it Continue…….. Room Data Sheet Application – The Process

5 Room Data Sheets are a way of bringing together the specification of each and every room, its fittings and its finishes in a format that is readily understood by everyone. Continue……..

6 Room Data Sheets can be used to effectively combine the information normally contained in many schedules into a unified reporting system that allows single source access to all relevant information. Continue……..

7 Room Data Sheets form the perfect platform for Facilities Management Operations where phased replacement and maintenance is required. Continue……..

8 Continue…….. Example Room Data Sheet

9 Example Finishes Report Continue……..

10 Example Fittings Usage Report Continue……..

11 Room Data Sheets can be tailored to suit all sizes of Projects from the largest industrial or commercial buildings to individual quality conversions where the existing features need identifying for preservation and local notes need to be applied to specific items within rooms.

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