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Deepak Kumbhar [June 11 th, 2009] Reporting Services Deep Dive.

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1 Deepak Kumbhar [June 11 th, 2009] Reporting Services Deep Dive

2 Reporting Services 2008 Architecture Report Engine Improvements Report Rendering Improvements Memory Management New Controls -Tablix [demo] -Charts and Gauges [demo] Report Builder 2.0 [demo] 2

3 Easier configuration -IIS settings for other applications impact SSRS. Better resource management -IIS is designed for static or dynamic HTML pages and not for executing large reports for many concurrent users. -Memory management is easier to implement outside of IIS and can be efficiently managed. Consolidation of two services into one -Communication process between services is now eliminated. Elimination of deployment obstacles -SQL Server DBAs lacking IIS skills. -IT policies prevent IIS and SQL Server on same server. 3

4 4

5 On-demand processing of reports with many datasets and data regions Reports with heavy usage of interactivity can be significantly faster Faster page-by-page navigation when viewing reports interactively Smaller memory footprint You probably now think -- thanks that’s nice; and where is the catch? 5

6 Table Matrix List Chart Calcs Storage Data Tablix Group Winforms Webforms CSV XML PDF Image ROM HTML Image HTML Excel Print Image Hard Page Layout Data Soft Page Layout Chart 6

7 Low Memory Pressure Medium Memory Pressure High Memory Pressure Current requests continue New requests accepted Background low priority Current requests continue New requests might be accepted Memory allocations reduced for all apps Background largest reduction Current requests slow New requests denied Memory allocation reduced Memory swaps to disk 7

8 Full Memory Range KB WorkingSetMaximum MemoryThreshold MemorySafetyMargin WorkingSetMinimum Low memory pressure Medium memory pressure High memory pressure Boundaries of medium pressure % 8

9 20012002Total 20,23574,28194,517 10,085 8,369 4,545,3379,190,83813,736,175 2,850,01210,765,17713,615,189 7,415,58420,048,75027,464,334 AccessoriesHelmets Locks Pumps BikesMountain Bikes Road Bikes Grand Total Product Accessories Helmets Locks Pumps Bikes Mountain Bikes Road Bikes Grand Total Avg Sale 18.19 19.56 14.92 11.94 964.54 1,445.61 722.10 794.52 Tablixe + Matr 20,23592,735112,971 7,395,34919,956,01527,351,363 9

10 Flexible grid layout -Fixed columns and dynamic rows like a Table -Dynamic rows and columns like a Matrix -Any combination of Table and Matrix layouts Flexible grouping -Nested groups -Adjacent groups -Recursive groups 10

11 20012002 Accessories20,23592,735 Helmets20,23574,281 Locks10,085 Pumps8,369 Bikes7,395,34919,956,015 Mountain Bikes4,545,3379,190,838 Road Bikes2,850,01210,765,177 20012002 AccessoriesTotal20,23592,735 Helmets20,23574,281 Locks10,085 Pumps8,369 BikesTotal7,395,34919,956,015 Mountain Bikes4,545,3379,190,838 Road Bikes2,850,01210,765,177 11 CurrentDesired

12 Avg Sale AccessoriesHelmets19.56 Locks14.92 Pumps11.94 BikesMountain Bikes1,445.61 Road Bikes722.10 20012002 AccessoriesHelmets20,23574,281 Locks10,085 Pumps8,369 BikesMountain Bikes4,545,3379,190,838 Road Bikes2,850,01210,765,177 Current Desired 20012002Avg Sale AccessoriesHelmets20,23574,28119.56 Locks10,08514.92 Pumps8,36911.94 BikesMountain Bikes4,545,3379,190,8381,445.61 Road Bikes2,850,01210,765,177722.10 12

13 EuropeNorth America AccessoriesHelmets6,96387,554 Locks1,0509,035 Pumps9637,406 BikesMountain Bikes 569,24413,166,930 Road Bikes 731,68212,883,507 20012002 AccessoriesHelmets20,23574,281 Locks10,085 Pumps8,369 BikesMountain Bikes 4,545,3379,190,838 Road Bikes 2,850,01210,765,17 7 Current Desired 20012002EuropeNorth America AccessoriesHelmets20,23574,2816,96387,554 Locks10,0851,0509,035 Pumps8,3699637,406 BikesMountain Bikes4,545,3379,190,838569,24413,166,930 Road Bikes2,850,01210,765,177731,68212,883,507 13

14 14 Q1Q2Total ProfEnrolledProfEnrolledProfEnrolled CalculusGalt20Rand28Galt48 PhysicsEllis25Chan30Ellis45 YogaZehn41Tou29Zehn70 BiologyRasa32Starr48Rasa80 Q1Q2Total ProfEnrolledProfEnrolled CalculusGalt20Rand2848 PhysicsEllis25Chan3045 YogaZehn41Tou2970 BiologyRasa32Starr4880 Desired Current

15 15 20052006Total Jan-JunJul-DecTotalJan-JunJul-DecTotal $Gr$ $ $ $ $ $ Cog10-15-25-11120531656- Sprocket20-25-45-22230552797- 20052006Total Jan- Jun Jul- Dec TotalJan- Jun Jul- Dec Total $Gr$ Cog101525-112031656 Sprocket202545-223052797 Desired Current

16 16 20052006 NYJoe5060 Sue80100 TotalCount22 Sales130160 Avg6580

17 CSV Renderer redesign - True data renderer, not a combination of data and layout - Removing the layout information means the data output file can be consumed more readily by other applications. Excel Renderer - Supports rendering of subreports and nested data regions 17

18 18 Output RDL to Microsoft Word binary format (.doc) Support for Word 2000 and later Documents fully editable in Word

19 Apply different format properties to selected text within a textbox - Font settings: Color, Font, TextAlign - Paragraph settings: Indent, SpaceAfter, SpaceBefore - List settings: ListLevel, ListStyle Use HTML tags in selected text - Action: HTML – Interpret HTML tags as styles 19

20 Reporting Services Tablix Control 20

21 21 MS has acquired Dundas Software’s Data Visualization products - Chart - Gauge - Map - Barcode - Calendar New Chart and Gauge in SSRS 2008 Other controls planned for post-2008

22 Stepped Line Range (Spline Area) Pie Callout Polar Radar Range Column/Bar Funnel Pyramid Boxplot/Error 22

23 Display and monitor real-time data Use as dashboard or scorecard components for visualizing KPIs 23

24 Reporting Services Data Visualization 24

25 Globals Data Pane Parameters Data Source & Dataset Office-style Ribbon Properties Pane Group Task Pane Expression Placeholders 25

26 26 ReportDesignerReportDesigner ReportBuilder2.0ReportBuilder2.0 Report Builder 1.0 Full RDL Support Shared Layout Surface Shared Dialogs Report Models Feel Office 12 Look & Feel VS Integration Integrated Query and Layout Full Report Model Support Click through Reports Limited RDL Support

27 Reporting Services Report Builder 2.0 27

28 Application Domains for Report Server Applications, Configuring Authentication in Reporting Services, About URL Reservations and Registration (Reporting Services), Group Variables in SSRS 2008 for Custom Aggregation variables-in-reporting-services-2008-for-custom-aggregation.aspx variables-in-reporting-services-2008-for-custom-aggregation.aspx Reporting Services WMI Provider, 28

29 Deepak Kumbhar 29

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