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Les couleurs en français

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1 Les couleurs en français
The colors in French

2 About French colors Colors are adjectives. Like adjectives, most colors agree with the nouns they modify. French colors fall into three groups: 1. Colors having four forms: masculine and feminine, singular and plural. 2. Colors having two forms: singular and plural. 3. Invariable colors have one form only.

3 Section 1 Colors having four forms masculine singular masculine plural feminine singular feminine plural

4 bleu Four forms masculine singular: bleu feminine singular: bleue masculine plural: bleus feminine plural: bleues

5 noir Four forms masculine singular: noir feminine singular: noire masculine plural: noirs feminine plural: noires

6 vert Four forms masculine singular: vert feminine singular: verte masculine plural: verts feminine plural: vertes

7 blanc Four forms masculine singular: blanc feminine singular: blanche masculine plural: blancs feminine plural: blanches

8 gris Four forms masculine singular: gris feminine singular: grise masculine plural: gris feminine plural: grises

9 violet Four forms masculine singular: violet feminine singular: violette masculine plural: violets feminine plural: violettes

10 Colors having four forms
Review: section 1 Colors having four forms noir noire noirs noires violet violette violets violettes blanc blanche blancs blanches gris grise grises vert verte verts vertes bleu bleue bleus bleues

11 Section 2 Colors having two forms: singluar & plural

12 Two forms singular: rouge plural: rouges

13 Two forms singular: rose plural: roses

14 Two forms singular: jaune plural: jaunes

15 Colors having two forms
Review: section 2 Colors having two forms rose roses rouge rouges jaune jaunes

16 Section 3 “INVARIABLE COLORS” Colors having a single form

17 marron A single form

18 orange A single form

19 Colors having a single form (invariable colors)
Review: section 3 Colors having a single form (invariable colors) marron orange

20 FIN

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