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Things to do… 1)Update Table of Contents (TOC) 2) Grab pages on the zebra table! 3)Open up to page 12 4)GET ORGANIZED!!! NOW!!!

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Presentation on theme: "Things to do… 1)Update Table of Contents (TOC) 2) Grab pages on the zebra table! 3)Open up to page 12 4)GET ORGANIZED!!! NOW!!!"— Presentation transcript:

1 Things to do… 1)Update Table of Contents (TOC) 2) Grab pages on the zebra table! 3)Open up to page 12 4)GET ORGANIZED!!! NOW!!!

2 Make a layered foldable like this… SUBSTANCE MIXTURE ELEMENT COMPOUND HOMO MIX HETERO MIX Fold  Open 

3 What is Chemistry? Chemistry: study of matter and how it changes Matter: anything with mass that takes up space Everything is made of matter. Mass: amount of matter something has Volume: amount of space an object occupies Density: amount of mass per unit of volume in an object (how much stuff did you cram in the box)

4 There are 2 types of matter Matter Pure Substance Mixture

5 Pure Substance Matter that has a uniform and definite composition (this means the same is exactly the same from one side to the other) Definite melting/boiling points A substance is either an element or a compound

6 Element: simplest form of matter. cannot be separated into simpler substances made of ATOMS building blocks of all other substance can be found on the periodic table chemical symbol: 1 – 2 letter(s) representing the element Carbon C Gold Au Hydrogen H uniform

7 TO DO! Get out page 11 & 12 ASAP! Take a dry erase marker and a plastic sheet on your desk and classify those changes as P or C. You may NOT work with your neighbor. Do this FAST!

8 While I am teaching…

9 Compound: Substance containing 2+ elements that are CHEMICALLY combined in a fixed ratio. properties are DIFFERENT from the the elements it is made from CAN be separated into simpler substances by chemical means (chemical reaction needed!) i.e. YOU can’t separate water but a reaction called hydrolysis can! Has a chemical formula: shorthand method of writing composition of compounds Sugar or Sucrose (C 12 H 22 O 11 ) 12 carbon atoms 22 hydrogen atoms 11 oxygen atoms RATIO H2OH2O

10 Compounds Elements that make up the compound look NOTHING like the final compound. Take a look… Sodium (Na) + Chlorine (Cl)  Sodium Chloride reaction

11 Mixture: physical blend of two or more substances (no rxn, just dumped) Variable composition

12 Mixtures! Types of Mixtures: Homogeneous mixture - uniform composition (looks the same!) also called a solution components (parts) are NOT readily distinguished - well blended but not chemically combined (means you can’t see them easily!) Examples: Kool-Aid, HCl (aq), salt water Homogeneous Mixtures! “same”

13 “different” Heterogeneous mixture: not uniform in composition (can pick them apart easily) components are readily distinguished (which means you CAN see them!) Not blended well Separates sometimes due to gravity Examples: trail mix, sand, this class!

14 Matter Concept Map – hurry!

15 Mixture Separation a)Physical properties can be used to separate mixtures b)Physical Properties (i) Size - filter (ii) magnetism (iii) color (iv) distillation: Separate a mixture of liquids based on a difference in boiling points (v) chromatography: separates dyes/pigments (vi) crystallization (evaporation) How would you separate a mixture of Kool-Aid and ice into its 3 components?

16 Types of Separation! Which is which??

17 GAME DAY THURSDAY!!! 9/11 1.Update table of contents 2.Get binder organized 3.Put “BUY SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR” on your weekend to-do list!!! Paper towels too! 4.An unknown chemical has a variable melting point, looks uniform throughout and can be separated physically. What type of chemical is this? Write this at the bottom of p. 14. Don’t share your answer with your neighbor!

18 Get out your page 14 homework

19 Let’s check it!

20 Soda Bottles

21 Get out a piece of notebook paper LetterChemical NameSubstance or Mix?Element, Compound, Homo Mix or Hetero Mix A B C D E F G H I J K L

22 Check yourself!!! LetterChemical NameSubstance or Mix? Element, Compound, Homo Mix or Hetero Mix A copper sulfate in waterMixtureHomo mix B ZincSubstanceElement C Hydrogen peroxide, H 2 O 2 SubstanceCompound D Sugar waterMixtureHomo mix E CheeriosMixtureHomo mix F Copper chlorideSubstanceCompound G SoilMixtureHetero mix H Potassium Permanganate (aqueous)SubstanceHomo mix I Fruity pebblesMixtureHetero mix J CalciumSubstanceElement K Copper sulfateSubstanceCompound L CopperSubstanceElement

23 Nuts & Bolts NUTS BOLTS WASHERS 2 NBW 4 N, 4 B Identity: Element Compound Mix of E Mix of C Mix of C + E

24 Nuts & Bolts answers Or 3 NB compound

25 Are you with me???

26 Start studying elements

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