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1 CAF-FCA Update Canadian Home Builders Association October 24, 2013

2 Canadian Apprenticeship Forum The organization: was established in June 2000 is a not-for-profit organization that brings together the key players in apprenticeship across trades, across sectors, across Canada has three primary objectives: research apprenticeship issues and challenges of broad interest facilitate dialogue and share best practices among stakeholders promote skilled trades careers among youth, parents & educators

3 Sharing accurate information about apprenticeship Career Awareness – engaging youth Promoting the business case – engaging employers Communicating promising practices Connecting stakeholders from across the country Supports for the Apprenticeship Community

4 Youth Perceptions Survey Spring 2013, collected responses from 873 students across Canada 13 – 17 year-olds Probed for awareness/perception of skilled trades careers and apprenticeship

5 Open to considering a trades career

6 Information is readily available

7 Compared to other occupations

8 Survey Responses Concerns & challenges: – Skilled trades careers are more appropriate to men than women – Young people continue to perceive university as first choice – Students say parents, teachers and friends do not encourage consideration of the skilled trades

9 Impact of Technology Published initial report in February Challenges for apprentices related to: – Introduction of complex automation systems – Need to access web resources and applications – Executive skills, such as self-motivation, self-discipline and time management for online learning Concerns that apprenticeship systems aren’t keeping up to the speed of business

10 Impact of Technology Follow up survey with more than 400 employers – Incorporating electronic sensors/controllers – Increasing use of diagnostics – More electronics-based testing equipment – Implementing new technical codes and standards – Collecting data for quality control purposes Apprentices need to think independently/solve problems Computer use and continuous learning increasingly critical

11 Takeaways Technology is having a profound impact on today’s skilled trades workplaces Digital skills and the ability to exploit technology are seen as “essential” to workplace success Challenge to apprenticeship systems to keep up

12 June 1-3, 2014 in Ottawa Call for presentations closed October 11 Opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors Seeking to engage local high school students Registration opens in January Sign up to receive updates/reminders Skilled Trades Summit 2014

13 CAF-FCA Update Canadian Home Builders Association October 24, 2013

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