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Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities May 1, 2013 Rosa Coppedge Dir., EEO/AA Compliance.

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1 Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities May 1, 2013 Rosa Coppedge Dir., EEO/AA Compliance

2  Sodexo's Strategy for Inclusion  To create an enterprise-wide model to serve business customers through a national partner that specializes in disability placements, vocational training, and program management while also proactively meeting proposed regulatory requirements being imposed by Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) 2 – Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities

3  National Partners  National Organization on Disability (NOD) - pilot in New Jersey; expanded out to Chicago  The NET (National Employment Team - Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) - pending  Manpower – Project Ability - pending 3 – External Resources

4 ● SOAR Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRG) ● Over 300 members; 12 Chapters ● Scholarship Program - SOAR offers three $1,000 scholarships and one $1,500 scholarship to individuals who help create a culture that embraces, values, and fully utilizes persons with disabilities. Four scholarships will be awarded to employees of Sodexo and/or the spouses/partners and/or the children/grandchildren/dependents of employees 4 – Internal Resources

5  Training  Disability Awareness Training – A 45-minute interactive online module offers insights and skill-building for Sodexo employees to continue to create a culture of inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Disabilities discussed in this engaging and informative module include those that are visible (readily apparent) and invisible (not readily apparent)  Request for Accommodation Process  Reference Tools  People First Language Guide - recognizes that individuals with disabilities are - first and foremost - people. It emphasizes each person's value, individuality, dignity and capabilities.  10 Ways to be a Champions for Individuals with Disabilities  LifeWorks Disability Services - A list of tools, resources and services regarding disabilities 5 – Resources To Ensure Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities

6 TO REPLACE AN IMAGE: Click on the image and delete then click on the photo icon. Select your photo and insert Resize photo if needed by cropping and sliding it  Easter Seals Rural Recycling Program  Sodexo is committed to providing services that improve the Quality of Life for millions of people each day. In furthering this goal, Sodexo has partnered with Easter Seals, the leading non-profit provider of disability services. Through this partnership, Sodexo recycles technology and the proceeds are used to fund grants to help keep farmers working and on their farms after injury or other health conditions. This program not only helps farmers, but recycling helps to reduce Sodexo's environmental footprint, too. 6 – Kim is very grateful to have this golf cart for farm chores as she has mobility problems. She appreciates the gift. Community Presence

7  Listing our positions with the various specific organizations ensures that our jobs are accessible to individuals with disabilities  Ability  Disaboom  Disability  Disabled Veterans Outreach Program  Wounded Warrior Project  The Arc  Various Colleges and Universities  Direct Employers  Local Vocational Rehabilitation Centers  Recruitment list for use by businesses for local outreach 7 – Individuals with Disabilities – Where we Recruit

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