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ALSA Sep-Oct Council 2011 Marketing Report. Goals.

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1 ALSA Sep-Oct Council 2011 Marketing Report

2 Goals

3 Internal Marketing function to align with ALSA vision and portfolios objectives (competitions, education) External Effective communication with LSSs Increase visibility domestically & internationally Strengthen reputation in the legal community

4 Major Projects O-Week Merchandise – to be ordered before the end of year – To be distributed before o week Imprimatur revamp – Regular newsletter (build up database - distribute it domestically and internationally ) – Synergise with e-periodicals – Source of ALSA happening – Readily accessible! Link on website (readily to send to all LSSs), facebook, twitter, google+ etc

5 Major Projects New initiatives – Decentralised marketing – ALSA shirt person on campus – Videos More ideas during brainstorm breakout group

6 Progress So Far


8 Where to from now?! Oct 2011 to July 2012: Monthly Newsletter to members/ on the website. October Council : gather information from ALSA council (representatives from all law societies) for O-week merchandise (i.e. numbers, postal addresses, merchandise ideas, O-week dates etc) Late Oct to early November: formulate content on the merchandise; research/plan/budget (incorporate ALSA Conference materials etc) Mid - Late November: start ordering merchandise and put ideas into production Mid December: Production of merchandise should be finalised Jan - Feb: Post merchandise to law schools around the country for O-week Post O-week : More ideas and initiatives to promote ALSA Conference March – July: Implement new initiatives and promote ALSA Conference

9 I Want You O Week Merchandise -Consolidate merchandise item ideas -Please fill out the following form ALSA O Week Merchandise Request Form Break out group: - O Week Merchandise - Newsletter Revamp - New Initiatives

10 Contact Detail Kelly Xiao Email:

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