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The ‘Future Proofing’ of BTEC Photoula Kypri Head of Stakeholder Partnerships.

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1 The ‘Future Proofing’ of BTEC Photoula Kypri Head of Stakeholder Partnerships

2 The agenda  Introductions  The 14-19 Agenda  The BTEC offer from Edexcel  The BTEC Firsts and Nationals from 2010  Information timelines


4 BTEC success Registrations 2006/7Registrations 2007/8Registrations 2008/9 BTEC Firsts206,872286,992383,709 BTEC Nationals166,535185,684199,256

5 Re-accrediting BTECs onto the QCF BTEC Firsts and BTEC Nationals and BTEC Highers as stand alone Qualifications Bank of QCF- accredited qualifications to be Technical Certificates within Apprenticeships Bank of QCF- accredited units as Additional Specialist Learning alongside Diplomas Creating new BTEC Short Course qualifications through rules of combination The suite of existing to be revised BTEC Short Course qualifications linked to SSC priorities

6 The context Vocational Qualifications Reform Qualifications and Credit Framework A level GCSE Apprentice- ships Diploma Foundation learning tier and progression pathways Functional skills 14-19 Reform Programme Secondary Curriculum

7 QCF What’s new? The Accreditation system New powers for Sector Skills Councils to approve units and qualifications The Rules Credit based, qualification sizes, composition and titles The Technology Learner Record - tracks learners’ achievements using a centralised system and the unique learner number More flexible programmes And smaller steps of achievement - potentially increasing retention and achievement - describes and quantifies achievement more readily Recognition of in-house training Within a national framework

8 A credit-based system – what is credit? 10 hours of learning = 1 credit Credit based on the average amount of time it takes a learner to achieve the learning objectives of a unit, at a pass level Learning time includes contact time, directed learning and assessment time for the average learner (including learner initiated study)

9 QCF Sizes and Levels Size Level ENTRY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 – 12 credits 13 – 36 creditsAbove 36 credits Level AWARDDIPLOMA CERTIFICATE

10 What is the role of Sector Skills Councils? Identify skills gaps employers say they have Create National Occupational Standards (NOS) Owners of Sector Skills Agreements Getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time Prioritise qualifications to fill gaps – recommendation to LSC for funding Currently 25 SSCs representing 85% of workforce Voice of employers


12 The current BTEC suite (NQF) and the BTEC suite (QCF) from September 2010 Entry Level BTEC Certificates in Life Skills/Skills for Working Life Level 1 BTEC Introductory Certificates and Diplomas Level 2 BTEC First Certificates and Diplomas Level 3 BTEC National Awards, Certificates and Diplomas Level 3 BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Level 5 BTEC HNCs and HNDs Levels 1-7 BTEC Awards, Certificates and Diplomas (BTEC Short Course Qualifications) Entry Level Foundation Learning Level 1 Foundation Learning BTEC Level 2 FirstsBTEC Level 3 Nationals BTEC Level 3/4 Foundation Art and Design # BTEC Level 4 (HNC) and Level 5 (HND) Higher Nationals # BTEC Levels 1-7 Awards, Certificates and Diplomas (BTEC Specialist Qualifications)

13 BTEC Firsts and Nationals redevelopment Work underway to revise these suites for first teaching from 1 September 2010 NQF BTEC Firsts (Level 2) and BTEC Nationals (Level 3) have been extended to August 2010

14 Level 2 BTEC Firsts (NQF) QCF Revised Titles with Equivalences from September 2010 Level 2 BTEC First Diploma Level 2 BTEC First Certificate = 4 GCSEs A*-C = 2 GCSEs A*-C BTEC Level 2 Firsts (QCF) = 4 GCSEs A*-C BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate = 2 GCSEs A*-C = 1 GCSE A*-C 6 units (360 GLH) 3 units (180 GLH) 30 credits (180 GLH) BTEC Level 2 Diploma 60 credits (360 GLH) BTEC Level 2 Certificate 15 credits (90 GLH)

15 Level 3 BTEC Nationals (NQF) QCF Revised Titles with Equivalences from September 2010 Level 3 BTEC National Diploma Level 3 BTEC National Certificate Level 3 BTEC National Award = 3 A Levels = 2 A Levels = 1 A Level BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma BTEC Level 3 Diploma BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma = 3 A Levels = 2 A Levels = 1 A Level = 1 AS Level BTEC Level 3 Certificate BTEC Level 3 Nationals (QCF) 18 units (1080 GLH) 12 units (720 GLH) 6 units (360 GLH) 180 credits (1080 GLH) 120 credits (720 GLH) 60 credits (360 GLH) 30 credits (180 GLH)

16 Key features of the revised QCF BTEC Level 2 Firsts and BTEC Level 3 Nationals Retain the key qualities of BTEC Specialist and highly work-related Improved grading grids and assessment guidance More supportive specification Variety of support materials (PLTS) identified in grading grids (Functional Skills) mapped - but not embedded New outline learning plan in each unit Exemplar assignments in each unit


18 Printed specifications available BTEC Re-accreditation Timeline Summer 2009 Autumn 2009 Winter ’09 Spring ‘10 Spring 2010 Drafts structures and sample units available on website Full accredited specifications available on website Sector specific launch Events

19 Approval and moving old to new specifications Qualification approval - Existing centres - New centres Mapping NQF to QCF versions


21 BTEC Entry and Level 1 redevelopment To be revised in line with Foundation Learning Tier BTEC Entry – Life Skills and Skills for Working Life – each title is extended August 2010 BTEC Introductory (NQF Level 1) – each title is extended to 31 August 2010

22 Moving forward together Sign up for the fortnightly electronic BTEC updates Keep up to date on Firsts and Nationals via the website - - Contact us on – - 0844 5760026 Sector-specific launches from Autumn 2009 Regional Curriculum Development Manager

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