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Dr Abdulrazak Mohamad Senior Consultant Physician Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Australia.

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1 Dr Abdulrazak Mohamad Senior Consultant Physician Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Australia

2  Convey his greetings  His full support to this initiative  And for any effort which expected to do good to Australian community at large  Support to any effort in favour of moral aspect, human rights and just  Ready to assist in anything in his capacity to support our Solidarity group

3  Only Allah (God)  Naturally through death  Per legislations e.g. life for life  Person doesn’t have the right to take his own life  No one has the right to take other people’s life through family, blood or marriage relationship

4  Is sacred  Human security and well being is preserved  Duty of the government to preserve people’s life, security, belongings, dignity …etc  Under Islamic rules the state is obliged to secure basic cares including health service.  Under Islamic states hospital, medicine and other health services flourished e.g. in Baghdad, Andalucia and other places

5  Irreversible cessation of all signs of life  Debate on brain death…. We believe it is not death, rather pre-runner of death  The stand of Grand Mufti on the brain death is negative so far  Why not?

6  1. It depends on the expertise and facilities  2. The expertise and facilities in Australia are excellent but may not be readily available in other places  3. Giving verdict (Fatwa) will not be restricted to Australia in contrary to rules and legislations.  Legislations are state relevant though law makers may take it as example but not fore-granted

7  At any fetal age should be justified  In the first 120 days requirements may be less astringent  After 120 days of fetal life, requirements are very tough  Fetal life is fully recognised life  When it comes to preserving either mother’s or fetal life Islam gives priority to mother’s life

8  The chance of mother’s survival is more following termination of pregnancy  Mother is fully grown, fetus may still die following termination of pregnancy  Mother is a corner stone of the family, her death will be more disastrous  However life is life and this is based (just to avoid the worse, not getting the best).

9  Permanent contraception is not legal in Islam  Temporary contraception is allowed  It should not harm the spouse  It should be mutually accepted  Sterilisation is considered permanent contraception  Medical causes may override

10  Tip of the iceberg of big life style matter  To treat these matters we need to have big education and life style change  These are not our objectives  We are not here to dictate to people how they live and how they build their relationship  Although Islam has a complete family plan and construction system which has stood the test of time

11  Not allowed  Principle of ( Life is offered by Allah and only can take it)  Muslems are encouraged to seek treatment  This is on preferred rather than obligation basis  The very sick can refuse treatment

12  If the community and people have been given the freedom to choose their life style  The health workers should have the right to decline doing things not (norm) to the health services  Health professionals have been trained to prevent death when they can  Not to terminate life “killing”

13  Be obliged to assist  Be obliged to refer  Be obliged to prescribe medications  Remove life support prematurely  Practice un-necessary/ permanent contraception  Among others……

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