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1 A Special Presentation for: Connecting Patients and Health Care Professionals Harvard Challenge

2 What ArioTech does. Manages the transition from hospital discharge through extended care at home with technology driven solutions and services. Offers Patient Centric, user friendly and readily configurable solutions Dedicated to achieving high levels of patient self management 2

3 Provide cutting edge solutions and tools Chronic disease focus Much more than telehealth What we do? Integrated proprietary software Focus on helping patients at home change lifestyle and be compliant Monitor, inform, encourage Tools for doctors/nurses How we do it? Lower readmissions Alignment with ACO Model Savings on Bundled Payment services Higher Patient QOL Outcome Improved Outcomes and QOL for all patients Connected Patients and Healthcare Professionals Lower healthcare costs and improved data quality ArioTech’s Value Proposition 3

4 Focus on Chronic Diseases is essential 4 Source: West Wireless Health Institute

5 Our approach is different Belief that changing patient behavior is the key to the greatest remaining benefits Technology is an enabler but must be second to user friendliness and patient engagement The elderly need a different approach Solution must engage family members and provide benefits for all caregivers 5

6 Why the home care focus? Healthcare costs must be contained. This is a national imperative Long Term Care and Chronic Diseases are where the costs lie Care needs are usually in a remote/home setting. Elderly to grow to 19% of population by 2030 (from 12% today) Solutions involving process automation and mobile networks for treatment at home are the only way to achieve major cost reductions 6 $1.7 T 18% GNP

7 The Elderly Account for much of the costs 7 61%

8 Concentration of Healthcare Costs Five percent of the population accounts for almost half (49 percent) of total health care expenses. The 15 most expensive health conditions account for 44 percent of total health care expenses. Patients with multiple chronic conditions cost up to 7 X as much as patients with only one Chronic condition. 8

9 Patient Centered Collaborative Care Patient Education Teach Back Video Educational Video Disease Awareness Behavior modification Patient Engagement Compliance Incentives: Games, Pictures, Music, Coupons, … Private Social Network Self Management Remote Monitoring Vital Signs Monitoring Symptoms Management Self Monitoring Care Coordination EMR Integration Discharge Planning Medication Adherence Summary Reports

10 Solution Needs to be Focused Age and healthcare cost correlation 10 Internet Users Smart Phone Users Download Apps

11 Solution Components Secure Web Portal with 24x7 BYOD access – Doctors, Nurses, Case Managers, Family Wireless Tablet for Patient Easy to use by elderly-No training Touch Screen large icons Wireless Vital Signs Data collection No PHI on device Remote update and access 11

12 Solution – CHF & COPD Use Case  Biometrics: Weight scale, BP, Pedometer, Activity, Spirometer, Continuous Pulse Ox  Symptom Management: Shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, swelling, irregular heart beats, chest pain, dizziness  Medication adherence, dosage adjustment & side effects  Educational video clips  Monitoring 100s of patients abnormality alerts, trends, risk stratification, diet  Teach-Back

13 ArioTech’s Competitive Edge Excellent patient engagement – 94% compliance in 9 week pilot with Medicaid patients Micro-casting approach - Solution configurable down to patient level Proprietary ‘teach back” learning algorithms Use of rich media Preferred by experience telehealth users Uses Best in Class third party FDA approved POC devices for Vital Signs Web portal BYOD viewable 24x7 36 Claims submitted to Patent Office 13

14 ArioTech’s Solution Delivers 14 Patients Easy communication with care providers Educational material to help improve lifestyle and behavior Early intervention if condition deteriorates Improved outcome and QOL Hospitals Nurses & physicians Improved readmission rates Increased staff productivity and lower costs Early warning of patient complications Reduced unreimbursed hospital bed days Better outcome statistics Health Plans Lower medical loss ratios Improved Managed Care Better outcomes Higher member satisfaction More CMS 

15 Sample Screen Shots Tablet and Portal 15

16 Home Menu on Tablet 16

17 Daily Question example 17

18 Daily question example 18

19 Daily question example 19

20 Weekly Question 20

21 Vital Signs Instructions 21

22 22

23 Video Clips served up based on “negative” responses to questions 23

24 Finish of “Homework” 24

25 Patient Profile Screen 25

26 Dashboard Example Screen 26

27 Thank you! Nigel Gardner COO Co- Founder August 2014 609-466-3346

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