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Presented Oct. 20, 2014 Bergen County School Nurse Association Lorraine Borek RN CSN MEd MSN.

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1 Presented Oct. 20, 2014 Bergen County School Nurse Association Lorraine Borek RN CSN MEd MSN

2 DEAC- District Evaluation Advisory Committee ScIP- School Improvement Panel ANJAC - Achieve NJ Advisory Committee SGO - Student Growth Objective SGP – Student Growth percentile

3  All teachers working under an instructional certificate, with an assigned roster of students and teaching at least one course must set SGOs  As an option, districts may choose to require other certified staff such as school counselors, media specialists, athletic trainers, nurses, speech pathologists, and others to also set SGOs.

4  Increasing SGO Quality  Moving from compliance to quality  SGO should be global and reach or affect as many students as possible  How much time is spent on the task?

5 1. Clarify what SGOs are and how it looks for nurses 2. Develop a foundational understanding of how to develop and choose high quality measures of effective school nursing practice 3. Investigate appropriate ways to set targets using readily available student data. 4. Develop a series of concrete steps that will allow you to develop your SGO’s

6 SGO”S are: S… Specific M… Measurable A… Attainable/Achievable/Ambitious/Appropriate R… Results driven/Realistic T… Timed

7 A Student Growth Objective is an academic goal that teachers and evaluators set for groups of students. Think of it as a school health objective – it is a set that provides evidence of the value of your practice. It shall be specific and measurable, based on available student learning data, aligned to Core Curriculum Content Standards (or other standards adopted or endorsed by the State Board), and based on growth and/or achievement. It should be specific and measurable based on student health data that is available to you and demonstrates your effectiveness as a school nurse SGOs provide a method by which teachers can improve their practice through high quality goal setting while clearly demonstrating their effectiveness through the learning exhibited by the students for whom they are responsible. SGO’s provide an opportunity and method for nurses to demonstrate their effectiveness through the use of data. SGO’s for school nurses can also identify program development. SGOs should be a reflection of what effective teachers typically do. SGO’s are a reflection of school nursing practice.

8 Assessment Instruction Standards SGO

9  Standard 1- Assessment  Standard 2- Diagnosis  Standard 3- Outcomes Identification  Standard 4- Planning  Standard 5- Implementation  Standard 6- Evaluation

10 Five priorities for writing SGO’s 1. Part of your daily practice integrated or reflective of what you do (think about what you spend a significant portion of your time doing that can be quantified) 2. Connected to standards of nursing practice not to NJCCCS 3. Provide evidence of need 4. Approach can be staff wellness, staff education, student health care management, program development. Document the Rationale

11  Staff Wellness Initiatives  Staff education, training, instruction  Student education regarding medical condition  Student medical/health care management and interventions  Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention  Family/Community Initiatives

12  Blood pressure screening  Weight loss programs  Exercise programs – for example staff walking club during lunch  Instructions and education related to delegation or epinephrine via auto injector  Heart Health education - may include information and education programs recognizing early signs of heart attack or stroke

13  Asthma knowledge assessment and education  Allergy/Anaphylaxis knowledge assessment and intervention  Family life education  Disease prevention strategies including hand washing  Effective self assessment of pain with appropriate response  Parent education programs (lice awareness education, concussion awareness, sudden cardiac death, dating violence)

14  Tracking of referrals with follow up by appropriate health care provider (may include, vision, scoliosis, hearing)  Injury statistics and intervention to reduce occurrence.  Nutrition (breakfast in the classroom, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, eat all components of a healthy lunch)  Fitness – 60 minutes of activity a day.

15  Population-student, staff, family, community  SHO-Educating students, staff, family, community  Population (number of Subjects.  Time frame  Assessment – tool for measuring  Medical/health interventions and management

16  Scope and Standards of School Nursing Practice  Evidence based practice/ Research  School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text  NASN-Professional Nursing Periodicals  CDC, NIH

17 What is your goal. Determine the importance by examining – how much time do you spend doing the activity (i.e.: screenings) How many students are affected ( try to be as far reaching as possible ( include the greatest number of students as possible) Provide information that is reliable and consisted – for example when doing vision screening what screening tool are you using? If doing vision screening or hearing screening is the equipment calibrated? Are results accurate? Are parameters for acceptable results established? How are referrals handled. Investigate appropriate ways to set targets using readily available student data.

18  Develop a series of concrete next steps that will allow you to increase the quality of SGOs in your district.

19 SGO’s are approved by the principal or supervisor Some of the SGO process can be done collaboratively with colleagues Determine starting point Track progress – how will you be successful. What is your plan

20 Health Screenings – height and weight, vision, hearing, BP screening Number of visits – related to illness, injury, non-nursing visit ????

21 September 2014 – establish starting point and goals for student growth. October 31, 2014– SGO submitted and approved by principal. February 15, 2014 – SGO midyear review – check progress and make adjustments to SGO target by mutual agreement where the goals are too rigorous or not rigorous enough End of Academic Cycle – (April/May) – review results and score. Included in annual review.

22 Achieve NJ Website: ngstronger14-15.pdf

23  Or call  609-777-3788  my contact information:

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