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HW499-01: Bachelors Capstone in Health and Wellness By Whitney Leach.

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1 HW499-01: Bachelors Capstone in Health and Wellness By Whitney Leach

2   Recommendations for protein intake daily  All about protein  Protein shakes  Benefits  Information  Precautions for protein shake use  Resources  References Overview

3  Daily Recommendations for protein  Infants-10 grams a day.  Teenage boys-52 grams a day.  Teenage girls-46 grams a day.  Adult men -56 grams a day.  Adult women- 46 grams a day.  pregnant or lactating women-71 grams a day WebMD.(2014).

4  All about protein  Protein are large molecules made up of amino acids that our bodies and the cells in our bodies need to work correctly. Without protein our body structures, functions, the regulation of the body's cells, tissues and organs cannot exist.  (MNT,2014)

5  Protein Shakes  A Protein powder substance normally made from whey or soy protein containing fat and carbohydrates.  Normally mixed with water or milk

6  Benefits  Helps to get recommended amount of protein.  Before and after workout(convenience)  Meal replacement  Weight loss  Vegetarian or vegan diets  Stronger immune system and overall health

7   Studies have shown adding protein to diet can increase muscle mass.(Argon, A & Schoenfeld,B)  NCCAM recommends to use nutritional supplements(protein shakes) as directed on product.  Benefits of protein shakes, types, and how much to take enefits.htm enefits.htm Information

8  Precautions  Kidney stones from over use of protein shakes  Kidney strain  Diminish of Kidney function (Tremblay,2014)

9     tion/Protein%20Supplements.html tion/Protein%20Supplements.html Resources

10  Etcheverry,P.(2014) Protein Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and & The Ugly. Retrieved February 24,2014.From upplements.html upplements.html MNT.(2014). What are proteins? What is a protein? How much protein do I need? Retrieved February 24,2014. From Tremblay,L.(2014) Side Effects of protein drinks on the kidneys. Retrieved February 24,2014.From protein-drinks-on-the-kidneys/ protein-drinks-on-the-kidneys/ WebMD.(2014). Protein: Are You Getting Enough? Retrieved February 24,2014.From recipes/protein recipes/protein References

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