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The Rock Cycle

2 Sedimentary rocks Sedimentary rock is the most unstable of all the types of rocks. Formed from sediment– little pieces of other rocks– this type of rock makes up about 8% of the earth’s crust. Scientist mainly use sedimentary rocks to learn about the earth's history

3 Metamorphic rocks Metamorphic rocks are sedimentary or igneous rocks that have been compressed and solidified through heat and pressure. Metamorphic means to change in form. This type of rock is classified by grain size and how it has been changed.

4 Igneous rocks The Igneous rock is our fire rock. Igneous comes from the Latin word meaning fire. It is formed by the melting of metamorphic rock into lava and that lava or magma cools into rock or is erupted or flow from a volcano.

5 Rock Cycle The rock cycle is the process by which rocks are broken and formed. Sedimentary rocks are either turned into metamorphic or back into sediment. Metamorphic gets melted into magma or eroded into sediment. Igneous is either transformed into metamorphic or sediment.

6 Favorite Rock My favorite rock is a tigers eye. This is a metamorphic rock because the quartz is hard enough to withstand the heat and pressure, but the bands of other minerals are soft enough to be eroded and replaced by silica.

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