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September 5 th – 8 th 2013 Nottingham Conference Centre, United Kingdom

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1 September 5 th – 8 th 2013 Nottingham Conference Centre, United Kingdom

2 N-Spine research conference Nottingham 5 th September, 2013 Current concepts in data collection in osteopathy

3 What is osteopathy? Still and Littlejohn; Statutory regulation; General Osteopathic Council; Profiling practice.

4 Previous data collection initiatives Burton, 1981; Pringle and Tyreman, 1993; Hinkley and Drysdale, 1995; General Osteopathic Council, 2001; McIlwraith, 2003; NCOR, 2009; Spine Tango.

5 Standardised data collection (SDC) SDC tool development process; Snapshot data collection.

6 SDC findings Patient demographics; Common symptoms; Route to care; Treatment delivered; Treatment outcomes.

7 Route to care Word of mouth 69.8% Advertising 11.8% Healthcare practitioners 6.7% Referral by solicitor or insurer 2%

8 Reasons for choosing osteopathy NumberPercentage Personal recommendation or referral105864.9 Personal research1287.9 Waiting for NHS physiotherapy appointment311.9 Failure of previous treatment16910.4 Previous experience of osteopathic treatment32319.8 Desire to have osteopathic treatment1579.6 Wanted a form of manual or hands-on treatment1489.1 Did not want treatment through the NHS402.5 Wanted to have drug-free treatment1499.1 Other503.1 No response573.5 Total2310

9 Presenting symptoms


11 Treatment reactions Treatment reaction%age after 1 st treatment%age after final treatment None59.477.3 Increased pain14.63.7 Increased stiffness18.04.4 Dizziness1.50.3 Nausea0.70.2 Headache2.30.7 Fatigue6.62.7 Serious adverse event0.10 No response7.44.2 Other0.50.2 Complications not known0.40.7 Not applicable1.08.0

12 Publications SDC final report. content/uploads/2012/10/SDC_final_report_2011.pdf. content/uploads/2012/10/SDC_final_report_2011.pdf Fawkes CA, Leach CMJ, Mathias S, Moore AP. Development of a data collection tool to profile osteopathic practice: use of a nominal group technique to enhance clinician involvement. Manual Therapy 2013. In Press.

13 Clinical audit The audit process; Measuring quality; Audit tools; Handbook; rs/audit/. rs/audit/

14 Current initiatives PROM data collection; NHS contract; Wider use of PROMs and PREMs; Health and Social Care Bill (2012).




18 Issues with PROMs PROM database; Appropriate use; M-PROM.

19 PROM data collection in osteopathy Systematic review of PROMs for pain and function in msk patients; Validity; Reliability; Other clinimetric values; Core PROM set.

20 Qualitative data Focus groups with patients; Focus groups with osteopaths.

21 Survey of osteopaths Current PROM usage among osteopaths; Barriers and drivers; Educational requirements.

22 Future data collection Hard copy; Online; APP; Process evaluation.

23 National data collection programme Normative data; Scope of practice; Standards for clinical audit; Research questions.

24 Thank you

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