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Authentically Augustana–Part 2 Affirm our Mission, Assure our Future, Assess our Results W. Kent Barnds VP Enrollment, Communication and Planning.

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1 Authentically Augustana–Part 2 Affirm our Mission, Assure our Future, Assess our Results W. Kent Barnds VP Enrollment, Communication and Planning

2 My goals for this discussion Review and describe the planning process Describe the plan Highlight distinctive aspects of the plan Describe and discuss our priorities Highlight institutional effectiveness effort Address questions

3 Developing Affirm, Assure, Assess Thanks to a great Planning Committee Kent Barnds, chair Ellen Hay Evelyn Campbell Margaret Farrar Scott Park Chris Vaughan Darlene Link Mike Wolf Sangeetha Rayapati Jon Clauss Tom Leach (trustee) Anna Knepler (student) Meghan Cooley Mark Salisbury (staff resource)

4 Developing Affirm, Assure, Assess Thanks also to 8 great Design Teams Thanks also to those who provided feedback

5 Developing Affirm, Assure, Assess Asked to develop an “addendum” to Authentically Augustana that: – Enhances the student learning experience – Strengthens our position as a college – Affirms and strengthens our mission – Clearly highlights our strengths and distinctions – Identifies and stabilizes/manages the risks to the college – Is built around measurable outcomes – Engages and mobilizes our community and others who love the college

6 Developing Affirm, Assure, Assess In addition, the president asked that we develop: – An outcome-oriented dashboard – Different benchmarks for measuring effectiveness – Community-wide opportunities to implement strategic direction – A “rubric” to follow for strategic decision-making

7 Our process—differences Did not start with mission, vision and values Did not start anew—chose to do an addendum Focused on risk minimization Focused on things we can do Focused on aligning all stakeholders

8 Developing Affirm, Assure, Assess Process Step 1: Review of Authentically Augustana Step 2: Information gathering and analysis Step 3: Identification of critical issues (strategic drivers)* Step 4: Affirmation of core values Step 5: Affirmation of strategic vision* Step 6: Development of strategic goals* Step 7: Development of strategies and initiatives* Step 8: Prioritization of strategies and initiatives* Step 9: Operational planning (over the next three years) *Feedback invited or public presentation of work

9 Defining characteristics Builds upon Authentically Augustana Emphasis on results Emphasis on contemporary risks we face Prioritization of strategies Three parts: Affirm, Assure & Assess

10 Affirm Remain accountable to our students and our mission Ensure a student-centered approach and culture Foster critical thinking, creativity and an active life of the mind Encourage both intellectual and spiritual development Embrace diversity, civility, integrity and respect for others Respect academic freedom and traditions of academic governance Cherish academic excellence Act collaboratively within the college while seeking partnership with the community

11 Assure 1.Planning Task Force identified 8 areas representing “Strategic Imperatives” 2.Design Teams identified strategic initiatives within each Strategic Imperative 3.Planning Task Force has prioritized 30 strategic initiatives

12 Assure SI 1: Prepare our students to stand out SI 2: Innovate recruitment and retention SI 3: Enhance our campus SI 4: Optimize, support and diversify our workforce SI 5: Strengthen shared governance and communication SI 6: Celebrate and strengthen our surroundings SI 7: Improve our financial viability SI 8: Advance our reputation

13 SI 1: Prepare our students to stand out Improve advising and mentoring – Ensure Augie Choice planning and high-impact learning – Develop e-portfolio system to document high- impact learning and reflect at the “right time”

14 SI 2:Innovate recruitment and retention Increase outreach to, enrollment and graduation of multicultural students consistent with market trends Sustain market share in Chicagoland

15 SI 3: Enhance our campus Finish Old Main Build a Center for Student Life Reserve for capital enhancements Finalize and implement 5-year capital plan

16 SI 4: Optimize, support & diversify our workforce Optimize workforce to balance goals with resources Build accountability into hiring and retention of multicultural employees

17 5: Strengthen shared governance and communication Develop outcome-oriented “dashboard” Create presidential advisory committee

18 SI 6: Celebrate and strengthen our surroundings Promote the commercial viability of our neighborhood

19 SI 7: Improve our financial viability Budget for depreciation and capital improvements Reduce the tuition discount rate for incoming and continuing students by.5% annually

20 SI 8: Advance Augustana’s reputation Pursue high-profile recognition for students and faculty Systematically gather information on graduates

21 Assess Objective: Develop an “outcome-oriented dashboard” Measure what we do, not only what we have Signal what makes (or has the potential to make) us effective or more effective Provide guidance regarding institutional values in fulfilling our mission Describe roles in implementing and measuring our results Align the organization “up and down”

22 Assess Institutional Effectiveness and Mission Fulfillment Four areas – Educational Quality, – Program Relevance, – Organizational Culture and – Process Efficiency) Stakeholders (board, president, cabinet, faculty and administrative leaders, faculty, administrators and staff) Defined roles for each stakeholder

23 Assess Institutional Effectiveness team Annual report to community Annual report to the public Ongoing assessment

24 Assess–Benchmarks To approximate similarity in human and financial resources, we chose a list of other institutions with the following characteristics: – Endowment assets per FTE – Total price – Student-to-faculty ratio – Carnegie classification To approximate similarity in enrollment size, we chose: – Total enrollment – Total full-time undergraduate enrollment – Total part-time undergraduate enrollment To approximate similarity in the profile of enrolled students, we chose: – Carnegie enrollment profile – Percentage of undergraduate enrollment between ages 18-24 – ACT 25 th percentile score – ACT 75 th percentile score – Full-time first-to-second-year retention rate – Total cohort graduation rate

25 Investing in Affirm, Assure, Assess $4.6 million annually in capital $1.25–$1.5 million annually in programming (Includes combination of budgeted resources, philanthropic support, further efficiency gains and initiatives funding)

26 Appendix 3


28 Achieving Our emphasis on high-impact learning experiences that result in greater achievements, with keen devotion to advising and mentoring, will prepare our graduates to stand out and find their best success in an increasingly competitive world. Our emphasis on supporting, diversifying and promoting the best success of our workforce, with strengthened shared governance through leadership and communication, will ensure our college community is aligned in meeting our mutual goals. Our emphasis on enhancing our beautiful campus and our distinctive surroundings, and sustaining our financial viability into the future, will reinforce our strength as good stewards of our resources. Our emphasis on maintaining an optimal enrollment of high-quality students, and promoting our reputation within the higher education community and for the families we serve, will assure Augustana College meets a future of many challenges with even more success.

29 Discussion & Questions

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