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PROJECT 1 «Chameleon» Dnipropetrovsk : Baram Leach Lubarsky Rahel Pavlovsky Dadid Suchok Elizaveta.

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1 PROJECT 1 «Chameleon» Dnipropetrovsk : Baram Leach Lubarsky Rahel Pavlovsky Dadid Suchok Elizaveta

2 Inadequate visibility on the roads is one of main reasons that creates dangerous situations. Safe speed for driving with low visibility, in rain or fog, or dusk is the speed when the driver can stop the car and prevent collision of cars or hitting a pedestrian who unexpectedly appeared on the road or when the traffic-light turned to red. Project Goal: In case of low visibility on the road a driver should be timely warned about change of signal of the 'invisible' traffic-light, in order the driver could stop the car when the light turns to red.

3 Project Description: Traffic-light signal transmission METHOD 1. At a certain distance from the traffic-light TRAMSMITTER is installed that transmits signals from the traffic-light. The automobile is equipped with RECIVER that receives signals sent by the TRANSMITTER. The simplest transmitter — Wi-Fi transmitter.


5 Maximum distance from the traffic-light to the TRANSMITTER can be found in the Table «Vehicle braking distance»: In cities for maximum permitted speed which is 60 km/h distance from the traffic-light to the transmitter is 35 meters. In town V= 60 km/h L = 35 m On highway V= 90 km/h L = 80 m

6 Speed in the beginning of the slowing- down Distance that car covered for 1 second of driver's reaction, meters Stopping distance, meters (road condition) Stopping distance/full stop, meters, (road condition) DryWetIcyDryWetIcy 6m/s4m/s2m/sgr.2+gr.3gr.2+gr.4gr.2+gr.5 3086. 4011 1531222642 5014162448303862 6017233569405286 70193147945066113

7 Method 2. Traffic-light (transmitter) is connected to GSM- R and transmits signal to a server. A vehicle with GPS (receiver) transmits its geo-location data and receives information about the closest traffic-light.

8 Vehicle security system operation Warning of the driver If the RECEIVER receives a message about red signal then windscreen «Chameleon», steering wheel and brake pedal receive command «red». The windscreen and the steering wheel change colour into red for 10 seconds.





13 AUTOMATIC BRAKE If in 3 seconds the driver does not push the brake pedal the vehicle starts to slow-down automatically.

14 Project 2 «Smart steering wheel»

15 One cause of car accidents is paracenesthesia (a deterioration in driver's sense of bodily well- being). The driver should be alert and not tired. Any sickness just worsens situation. The most common causes of the traffic accidents: cardiovascular disease; neuralgic disease; Project Goal: to control driver's health condition and to prevent car accident

16 Project description: Event: frequent pulse of the driver. Causes: – Stress, unrest, anger – heart problems – physical load

17 Driver's health condition monitoring: The steering wheel is equipped with a sensor to control driver's pulse all the time during driving.


19 Vehicle Security System Operation If the pulse is frequent the driver is warned to take a brake for 5 minutes and relax: – relaxing music turned on – aroma inhalation is on

20 «constant speed» mode is on The vehicle controls its speed throttle pedal is blocked speed is limited to maximal 60 km/h Vehicle Security System Operation

21 Case: dangerous bend

22 A sensor that reads traffic sings is installed on the car

23 Case: dangerous bend If «Dangerous bend» sign appears, cross-road with circular movement, then:

24 Case: dangerous bend The driver is warned by SLOW-DOWN indicator

25 Case: dangerous bend And an option to slow-down automatically appears

26 Case: dangerous bend In case of slowing-down automatically the onboard computer will calculate decreasing speed

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