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Reference Assets - Healthcare EXTERNAL USE SLIDE COMPENDIA Up to 3 October 2012.

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1 Reference Assets - Healthcare EXTERNAL USE SLIDE COMPENDIA Up to 3 October 2012

2 InAction slides created in2012






8 UTMB Chose Alcatel-Lucent to provide better access and a more efficient system to access patients data. The WLAN project created higher availability and more Coverage across the Hospital UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH (UTMB) Physicians needed a system to access the patient’s record information more efficiently Patients required a better system for checking in and out of the hospital As UTMB is a teaching hospital, students required better access to the hospital network CHALLENGES OmniSwitch 9000 (x48) OmniSwitch 6850 (x450) OmniAccess 6000 chassis (x5) OmniAccess Supervisor III cards (x9) OmniAccess AP 70, 105, 125 (x1500) OmniVista 3600, OmniVista 2540 PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS BUSINESS & TECHNICAL BENEFITS Physicians, doctors and clinicians can provide data more quickly to make their jobs easier Patients have a better experience with the hospital due to having timely information for check-in and check-out WLAN has provided more access to students across the hospital for higher availability Location: Galveston, TX, USA Vertical: Healthcare 2500 students and 1200 employees in Galveston CUSTOMER DETAILS DEAL FACTS & FIGURES Date deal won: 2009 Implementation date: 2012 (in progress) “After initially thinking that we had enough OmniAccess APs for our campus section of this teaching hospital, we visited Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and we realized we probably only have half of what we need for a comprehensive deployment.” Todd Leach, Director of IT at UTMB FOR EXTERNAL USE

9 SAMU 44, a French emergency medical service provider, intelligently manages calls with Genesys solutions SAMU 44 Wanted to intelligently analyze and optimize contact center performance Needed to increase agents’ productivity and ability to respond to growing call volumes Sought to integrate new technologies and non-voice data flows CHALLENGES Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server, Genesys Express Voice with high availability, Genesys Agent Connector and Genesys Wallboard Connector, Medi-Q Graphic User Interface for the healthcare sector developed by DDM Consulting PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS BUSINESS & TECHNICAL BENEFITS Increased the number of calls handled without increasing the number of operators, and dramatically reduced the number of missed calls Improving call management thanks to the creation and monitoring of key performance indicators Improved overall quality of service - from 90 to 96 percent Enjoys the capability to add new, non-voice contact options, including video and GPRS services and GPRS services Location: France, Europe Vertical: Emergency Services SAMU 44, the emergency medical service of the Loire-Atlantique, manages up to 2,000 calls a day CUSTOMER DETAILS CUSTOMER HISTORY Date deal won: Q4 2005 Implementation date: 2006 with subsequent updates Business Partner: NextiraOne “ All kinds of routing scenarios are possible. We can create new scenarios in line with our actual needs and circumstances. Flexibility is one of the key benefits of the Genesys solution.” Dr. Frédéric Berthier, Operational Director of Medical Process, SAMU 44 FOR EXTERNAL USE

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