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PARTNERS MEET Annual Water Aid Western Regional PARTNERS Program Progress & Planning For Ensuring access to Safe and sustainable WASH Facilities among.

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1 PARTNERS MEET Annual Water Aid Western Regional PARTNERS Program Progress & Planning For Ensuring access to Safe and sustainable WASH Facilities among Excluded & Marginalized Communities for improved health benefits in Morena District of MP Date -16 th -17 th April 2012 Partner Organization: Dhart i

2 Annual Program Progress 2011-2012 on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program IN Pahargar Block of Morena District–MP

3 Project Area-Pahargar block, Morena District

4 Panchayat : 25Total Village : 90Total HH : 10745 Marginalized and Socially Excluded Community PanchayatHH CoveredTotal Population 25846548250 Project Target Community Schedule Tribe, Schedule cast, OBC, minorities & manual scavengers (Valmikis). Project Area-Pahargar block, Morena District

5 Project Objective Achieving improved health status among socially excluded communities through provisioning of improved WASH services. Empowering marginalized communities and local institutions to develop their leadership and decision making to secure their WASH rights. Promoting an effective, equitable and inclusive WASH service delivery mechanism by sensitizing and enhancing accountability of service provider.

6 Key findings of Baseline: S NCommunity No. of Families Total Population MaleFemale % of Total Population 1SC1867108285675515317 2ST139482804415386514 3OBC520429142153371380548 4General2280127476919582821 Total10745609973234628651100 Demographic Profile :.

7 Status of Drinking Water Sources Hand pumpopen well Total no. of HP Functional HP Non Functional HP Total no. of open well Functional open well Non Functional open well 3772839416865103 Hand pump Status No. of Hand pumps Functional -283Non Functional-94 PerennialPartialMechanicalWater Quality Water Level 377 (100%) 123 (43.46) 160 (56.53) 59 (43.46) 09 (9.6) 26 (27.65)

8 Status of Drinking Water Sources Water supply from the perspective of Cast: SN.CommunityTotal No. of Functional HP Depend Population Depend Population in 1 HP Total No. of N F - HP Depend Populati on Depend Populati on in 1 HP 1General102849584164252265 2OBC103164951613512647361 3SC65643999334389133 4ST135171398103109310

9 Baseline Survey Finding Status of Drinking Water Sources Non Functional HP Status in community level SN.CommunityTotal No. of NF HP MechanicalWater Quality Water Level 1General161202 2OBC35230309 3SC33210210 4ST10030205 Total94590926

10 Status of Sanitation-March 2011 Based on Secondary Data ComponentsTargetAchievement% age IHHL-BPL4690443394.52 IHHL-APL220391092549.57 School Toilet23414864.24 Aaganwadi210942.5

11 Sanitation Status: Total no of families: 10745 No. of Toilets: 1345 BPL Toilets: 721 APL Toilets: 624 Sanitation Coverage: 12.51% Families Total no of Schools: 107 School with Toilet Facility: 23 Schools with Functioning toilet: 17

12 Achievements: S NActivityTargetAchieved Beneficiaries/User SCSTOBCTotal 1 Roof Water Harvesting 55117302345764 2 Hand Pump Restoration 26291522189420375453 3 Creation of new water sources 774089002381546 Hardware Activities: Water 4 Creation of new water sources (leverage) 0340003678

13 Achievements……contd S NActivity Target Achieved Beneficiaries/User SCSTOBC Disabled GenTotal 1 Toilets With WA Support 50100741651888584596 2 Toilets Without WA Support (APL+BPL) 600 517 (336+181) 74931011158473021 Hardware Activities: Sanitation 3School Sanitary Block (Leverage) 0607321

14 Software Activities: S NoName of the ActivityTargetAchievedBeneficiaries 1 Base line Survey62 Panchayat 2 PRA25 Panchayat 3 Formation of VWSC2527 4 Staff Training11 16 Staff Members 5 Block level workshop with line department 11 74-PRI, CBO members, line department 6 One day Sensitization workshop for village water supply and sanitation committee. 262-Members of committee 7 District level workshop11 94 8 Quarterly Block level meeting of line department officials, elected representatives. 44 126

15 Software Activities……….contd S NoName of the ActivityTargetAchievedBeneficiaries 9Drinking water Security Plan55 10 Care taker and Hand pump mechanic training 22 100 Trainees from SC, ST and OBC Communities 11Mason Training2250-Participants 12 One day School teachers training for hygiene promotion 44130 –Teachers 13 Celebration of world water day Padyatra 11 Communities of 12 villages 14 Lobbying and engagement with line department 23 15 For integration of WASH networking and engagement with other agencies. 22 16Media Workshop11 17 School Activities for Hygiene Promotion 25 836

16 Software Activities……….contd S NoName of the ActivityTargetAchievedBeneficiaries 18Review Meeting with staff12 19 Block level Study on sanitation coverage and usage 11 20 Block level study on malnutrition and major water and sanitation related diseases and its linkage with improved WASH 11 21 Study on prevailing practices on menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls 11

17 Efforts Taken to influence Govt. The organisation organised 4-5 networking meeting for scaling up the sanitation and hygiene program at the block. Education department block office passed an order to all the schools at pahadgarh block to cooperate and promote the hygiene activity in their schools. Dharti Started an awareness program on rural water supply scheme at pahadgarh, kailaras, jaura and sabalgarh block with the combined effort of MP Janabhiyaan Parishad. We had prepared a plan to construct combined sanitation facilities at one place for all communities at all the hilly areas and sharing with TSC coordinator and panchayat department. Both are agreed working on the plan during 2012-13. Continues deferent Media person visit in project area.

18 Challenges: About 50% of the project area is water scarce. 11-Village of the project area are on stony soil so digging for leach pit is a challenge to us. The reach of resources at project area is also a challenge. Very few transportation facilities are available at the project area and charges are also very high. Intersectoral Convergence. Low capacity of Panchayat.

19 Learning's: Community monitoring system with the support of NGO to stop corruption: At Jaderu Panchayat 3 new school toilet were sanctioned but the sarpanch renovate the old building and showed as new construction. VWSC raised its voice against the issue with our support. After a long debate and verification Janpad panchayat ordered recovery of the funds. Public hearing can proved to be a very good tool to address the problems and solving at local level Systematic efforts would be made to take up non functional existing water sources. With the help of community good models would be created on Water, sanitation and Hygiene program.

20 Training Requirements: Training and capacity building of project staff. IEC material. Technical and Resource support on Water point Mapper Tool. Training on Advocacy. Training on research methodology. Hygiene Promotion. Exposure of other state work for new staff.

21 Opportunity for research, Documentation and Advocacy in future Advocacy for promotion of Menstrual hygiene Under NRHM for all over district and its proper implementation. Research on WASH and relation of other activity. Studies the impact of MNREGA on Wash activity and its relation of community health. Joint Monitoring mechanisms on both health program and water and sanitation facilities in the village

22 Staff Training

23 Community Mobilization

24 Water

25 Sanitation

26 Training & Workshop With Service Provider


28 Global Hand Washing Day

29 World Water Day

30 Achievement in the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene


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