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Project Managers are you Socially Switched On? Social Media for Project Managers 1.

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1 Project Managers are you Socially Switched On? Social Media for Project Managers 1

2 MY STORY Project Management Professional (PMP) Senior Project Manager

3 3

4 PM FLASH BLOG STORY 4 POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA  Blogs published simultaneously  Google+ - PM Bloggers group  Twitter - #pmFlashblog  LinkedIn  Listly

5 Netherlands Henny Portman Spain Carlos J. Pampliega Canada Anya Faingersh United States Bernardo Tirado Canada, Adriana Girdler Australia Adrian Fittolani Denmark Christian Pfeiffer Jensen Singapore Kailash Awati South Africa Linky van der Merwe Poland Pawel Brodzinski Australia Shim Marom Australia Stephen Duffield Italy Ugo Micoli Canada Patrick Richard Mexico Ivan Rivera Colombia Natalia Gonzalez Australia Bernd Schiffer United States Cesar Abeid United States Cheri Baker Canada Cheri Essner Australia Chris Chan Australia Chris O'Halloran United States Colleen Garton Australia Craig Brown United States Daniel Hemhauser United States Dave Gordon Italy Deanne Earle United States Don Kim United States Glen Alleman United States Jason Shaffner United States John Bauer III Australia John Carroll United States John Goodpasture Australia Jon Whitty Australia Kelsey van Haaster Portugal Luis Seabra Coelho France Naomi Caietti Australia Neil Killick United Kingdom Peter Taylor Australia Venkatesh Krishnamurthy Australia Tony Adams United States Toby Elwin United Kingdom Susanne Madsen Infographic by Henny Portman, 2013 United States Steve Romero United Kingdom Sam Barnes United Kingdom Ron Rosenhead United States Robert Kelly United States Rich Maltzman Australia Paul Culmsee United Kingdom Neil Pragnell United States Michael Kaplan United States Michael Greer United States Mark Phillipy United States Martin Edmonton United Kingdom Martin Webster United Kingdom Lindsay Scott United Kingdom Barry Hodge United Kingdom Jo Ann Sweeney United Kingdom Francis Hooke United Kingdom Ian Webster United Kingdom Allen Ruddock United Kingdom Elizabeth Harrin United States Soma Bhattacharya United States Bruce Majoribanks United States Brian Leach

6 SOCIALLY SWITCHED ON 6  Benefits  Best practices  Platforms/channels  Social media tools  Challenges

7 WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? 7  An engagement with online communities  An interactive, dynamic environment

8 SOCIAL MEDIA ADOPTION 8 Why Social Media?  Relationships to build trust  Communications  Connect, share, organize

9 BENEFITS 9  Collaboration  Pool of resources  Financial savings  Networking

10 BEST PRACTICES 10  Build relationships  Agree which social networking tools to use  Document the use  Not a technology; it is a means of expression

11 Let’s Become Practical 11


13 13  Announcements  Team calendar of milestones  Pages for different interests  Documents  Share video updates  Share team photos

14 14  Project management experts  PM interest groups  PM groups > 7000

15 BLOGS 15  Project documentation  Major milestones  Interesting pictures  Use of features

16 MICRO-BITS 16  Micro-blogging  Project management  #hashtags: #pmot, #pmp, #projectmanager  #PMChat for Tweetups  Lists

17 Seminar on web Presentation material on website To present a topic to virtual teams 17  PowerPoint presentations  1000’s on project management WEBINARS

18 PODCASTS Audio files Subscribe PM topics 18  PM Videos  Video updates to teams  Audio files  Subscribe  PM topics

19 GOOGLE+ 19  Google Profile  Interest groups  Pages and Communities  Watch Webinars  Join Google hang-outs  SEO benefits

20 WIKI 20  Oldest platform  Online documentation platform  PMO level for lessons learned  Project WIKI  projectwikitemplate_en/

21 PINTEREST 21  Newcomer  Infographics on project management topics  Attract people to your website

22 TENSION IN THE WORKPLACE 22  Social technology as a productivity tool  Underestimate benefits  Cultural change is needed

23 SOCIALLY SWITCHED ON Twitter: Follow Project Managers on Twitter (hashtag #pmot) LinkedIn: Join several project management groups, participate Blogs: Comment on favourite blogs, contribute to community Build community on Facebook, Google+ or Yammer Use video (Vimeo and YouTube) 23 1.Adaptable, step-by-step formula 2.Design to answer project needs 3.Industry thought-leaders 4.Twitter: learn and share 5.LinkedIn: Join groups, participate 6.Blogs: Comment, contribute 7.Facebook, Google+ or Yammer

24 SOCIAL TOOL SELECTION 24 Five questions when you plan: 1.How sensitive is content? 2.Is your communication unidirectional or bidirectional? 3.Do you have a social budget? 4.What social platforms do team members use today? 5.Personal or Professional? Source: Michael Klynstra Photo credit: SEO & SMO Expert's Review

25 25 For more information and resources

26 Resources 26 1.Herbert Remidez: Journal about the explosion of social media - the emerging practice of companies using social media to support project management 2. facebook-and-other-social-media-to-help-manage-projects- and-teams-HA101929375.aspx facebook-and-other-social-media-to-help-manage-projects- and-teams-HA101929375.aspx 3. social-media-in-project_19.html social-media-in-project_19.html 4. management/ management/ 5. media-marketing-trends-2014-0745445#TPRlOh9SwvrrlJ3k.99 media-marketing-trends-2014-0745445#TPRlOh9SwvrrlJ3k.99 6. 7.projectwikitemplate_en/projectwikitemplate_en/

27 Survey results PMI's 2010 Pulse of the Profession Survey findings: 76 % of respondents already use online networking/collaboration tools for managing projects. Some collaboration tools in use by survey respondents are: ▫SharePoint ▫IM (multiple platforms) ▫NetMeeting ▫Microsoft Project Server ▫LinkedIn ▫GoToMeeting What is SM tools used for? to communicate with their project teams, 25 %of respondents said they actively use these tools for managing their teams, 27 % reported using them for project status updates. 48 % reported using social media tools for document sharing. social media tools are also used for the day-to-day work of project management. Nearly all PMI members have networked online in the past 12 months (90 percent) and most belong to an online project management community (71 percent). 67 % are active in chatting and blogging 62 % have contributed to social media or other online communities Conclusion - use of social media by project managers is evident and unchallenged. 27

28 This year, marketers will utilize more social media ROI tools, such as HootSuite, SocialMention and Klout in conjunction with Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics, to show value. Moreover, social media efforts must align with business objectives and move the meter Blogging will enjoy a renaissance in 2014. Marketers will feature blogs as key organic content hubs and search engine optimization drivers. Bloggers must create quality content in a crowded, competitive online landscape. Blogs will be a key component of SEO, especially with Google. Google Authorship will give Google+ bloggers an edge in exposing their content, while the updated Google Hummingbird algorithm will demand organic, relevant content on blogs. Marketers will integrate multimedia, particularly video, in their blogs Read more at media/14-social-media-marketing-trends-2014- 0745445#TPRlOh9SwvrrlJ3k.99search engine optimization media/14-social-media-marketing-trends-2014- 0745445#TPRlOh9SwvrrlJ3k.99 Social media will still be about consumer engagements and encouraging two-way communication 28

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