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Tenement Profound Discreet Vigilant Elation Dilapidated Epiphany Palpable Scruples Grotesque.

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3 Tenement Profound Discreet Vigilant Elation Dilapidated Epiphany Palpable Scruples Grotesque

4 Tenement: an apartment house, often run-down. Synonyms: lodgings, apartments, inn Sentence: Many families lived in the large tenement. VIDEO

5 Profound : deep or intense. Synonym: informed, intellectual, knowing Antonym: shallow, plain, obvious Sentence: Tybalt felt profound happiness when he came up with a plan to destroy the Blues. Video

6 Discreet : careful about one’s actions. Synonym: prudent, keeping silent Antonym: loud, obvious Sentence: The Star Wars characters were very discreet when they snuck on the ship. Video

7 Vigilant : to be watchful. Synonym: awake, observant, open-eyed Antonym: asleep Sentence: The bodyguard kept a vigilant eye on the singer. Video

8 Elation : exultant joy or pride. Synonym: cloud nine, elated, happy Antonym: sad, depressed, angered Sentence: The dog was filled with elation as it danced with its owner. Video

9 Dilapidated : broken down. Synonym: decayed, deteriorated, neglected Antonym: new, clean, well put together Sentence: The rollercoaster was dilapidated but it still ran. Video

10 Palpable : able to be touched or felt. Synonym: tangible, obvious, evident Sentence: Anger rushed out in a palpable wave through Donald’s arms and legs. Video

11 Scruples : principles that tends to hinder action. Synonym: cautions, concerns, difficulties Antonym: ignorance, no concern Sentence: The man asked his son, “Don’t you have any scruples?” when he saw him steal the candy.

12 Grotesque : odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character Synonym: absurd, bizarre, disgusting, strange Sentence: She looked like some kind of grotesque praying mantis.

13 1. epiphany 2. bewilderment 3. grisly 4. superstition 5. apprehensive 6. inspiration 7. jagged 8. obstacle 9. postponing 10. trait

14 Epiphany : a sudden realization of a larger spiritual calling or message. Synonym: warning, striking idea Sentence: The man had an epiphany of how he could steal the invention. VIDEO

15 Definition: [bee WIL derd] n. having a strong feeling of confusion. Synonyms: not able to understand. Sentence: Ella was bewildered as to why he hadn’t proposed to her yet. VIDEO

16 Definition: [GRIZ lee] adj. horrible in an extreme way. Synonyms: terrible - dreadful - horrible - awful - Sentence: The man had his arm attacked by an Anaconda in a very grisly manner. VIDEO

17 Definition: [soo per STI shuhn] n. irrational but deep- seated belief. Synonym: fear of the unknown, trust in magic Elizabeth Taylor had a superstition that her diamond earrings had always brought her luck. VIDEO

18 Definition: [ap ree HEN siv] adj. worried about what may happen. Synonym: anxious - fearful – afraid Sentence: Kevin’s parents were apprehensive about leaving him home alone. VIDEO

19 Definition: [in spuh RAY shuhn] n. sudden bright idea. Synonym: feeling something creative. Sentence: The coach gave words of inspiration in a speech to get the hockey players excited about winning. VIDEO

20 Definition: [JAG id] sharp and uneven. Synonym: indented - ragged – rugged The man lowered the vase too fast and it broke into a million jagged little pieces. VIDEO

21 Definition: [AHB stuh kuhl] something or someone in the way. Synonym: hindrance - obstruction - barrier – hurdle Sentence: No obstacle kept the Wiley from getting the water. VIDEO

22 Definition: [post POHN ing] v. putting off until later; delaying. Synonym: arrange at another time. Sentence: The couple thought they would have to postpone the wedding, but they didn’t. VIDEO

23 Definition: [TRAYT] n. quality or characteristic of a person, animal, or location. Synonym: feature - characteristic - attribute – property Sentence: The hotel in Dubai has many exciting traits, like skiing indoors, that would draw in tourists. VIDEO

24 1. acknowledge 2. complicated 3. consideration 4. particularly 5. vivid 6. enthusiastically 7. precision 8. accept 9. except 10. cognizant

25 Definition: [ak NAHL ij] v. to admit something is true or real. Synonym: admit- recognize- confess Sentence: The therapist believes that we should acknowledge other people’s feelings. VIDEO

26 Definition: [KAHM pli kay tid] adj. having many parts; complex. Synonym: feature - characteristic - attribute – property Sentence: Avril asked, “Why does he have to make everything so complicated?” VIDEO

27 Definition: [kuhn sid uh RAY shuhn] n. thoughtful concern for others. Synonym: thought- reflection- study Sentence: Please show consideration and silence your cell phone during the movie! VIDEO

28 Definition: [pahr TIK yoo ler lee] adv. To a great degree. Synonym: especially- specifically Sentence: Doctors say there are some risks with nose piercings, particularly in teenagers. VIDEO

29 Definition: [VIV id] adj. very bright; very clear. Synonym: sharp- intense Sentence: Polaroid cameras took the most vivid pictures in the 1980s. VIDEO

30 Definition: [en THOO zee AS tik lee] adv. With great interest. Synonym: eagerly- excitedly- anxiously Sentence: The cat, enthusiastically received news of the lottery win. VIDEO

31 Definition: [pri SIZH uhn] n. exactness or accuracy. Synonym: perfection- neatness Sentence: The car detailing service made sure that their work was done with great precision. VIDEO

32 Definition: [AK sept ed] v. receiving willingly. Synonym: to enduring Sentence: The Queen of England accepted the gift of an IPOD from the President and First Lady. VIDEO

33 Definition: [EKS sept] prep. With the exception of. Synonym: feature - characteristic - attribute – property Sentence: Chik-fil-A is open daily, except on Sundays. VIDEO

34 Definition: [kog NI zant] adj. knowledgeable of something. Synonym: awareness- consciousness Sentence: Teenagers who are cognizant of the dangers of smoking, rarely start. VIDEO

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