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Creating A Living Legacy DiverseWorks Initiative 2012 Summary of Initial Phase – Selection of artists – DW staff transitions – Selection of Legacy Specialists.

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1 Creating A Living Legacy DiverseWorks Initiative 2012 Summary of Initial Phase – Selection of artists – DW staff transitions – Selection of Legacy Specialists – Participants gathering and program orientation led by Neal Ambrose-Smith (two days in February) Between July2011 and January 2012

2 Legacy Specialists (how & why they were selected) Jonathan Leach visual artist & arts preparator Amye McCarther visual artist, musician, archivist Pete Gershon visual arts writer/historian, founder & editor of online music magazine, Signal To Noise

3 Progress from March to November Areas of Discussion For Each Artist 1.Technology & Database 2.Studio/Office space issues 3.Cataloging & Documenting works 4.Special Issues (i.e. relationships with Legacy Specialists, artist idiosyncracies, health & safety)

4 Fred Baldwin & Wendy Watriss Fotofest gallery, early to mid 90’s Work delayed due to Fotofest 2012, summer departure of current assistant, George Zerkov, and travel by artists thru late October Plan to begin in December or January

5 Insert image of prints Store in home across From Rothko Chapel

6 Mary Jenewein Image taken from artist’s website: exterior interior

7 Mary Jenewein Technology & Database Capacity Rating: 3 (scale from 1 to 5) Has computer, but not to comfortable with it; utilizes Picasa; is online at home Relies on computer savvy sister, helped with site and digitization of images Is trying to increase use of computer without becoming easily frustrated Database Jonathan has entered 107 works into “Artwork List” (all work onsite) Will enter remaining categories beginning next month

8 Goals: 1.revamp storage racks 2.Catalog works, wrap and label STUDIO RACKS BEFORE

9 Records in home and studio Desk in studioFiles in studio

10 Jonathan Leach in Mary’s studio cataloging and wrapping works to store in racks

11 Other areas of studio reorganized wall to left of studio entrance Before

12 And after Supply storage moved and reorgainzed Shelving added, items purged

13 Words from Mary…… Wall to right of new shelving Storage racks resurfaced, items purged and remaining items identified

14 Mary Jenewein studio late summer

15 Installed New Lighting Replaced system of clip lights & hazardous extension cords

16 More space to shoot works

17 Bert Long, Jr. Bert with Kinky Friedman Bert with James Surls & wife, Joan Batson

18 Bert Long Technology & Database Capacity Rating: 5 (scale from 1 to 5) Very comfortable with new technology Has computer, digital scanner, printer, scanner, is online and utilizes Phanfare created website (with some help from son) Database Artwork List: 899 entries Exhibitions: 149 entries Art Documents: 84 entries Archive List: 41 publications Contacts: 68 entries Institutions: 129 entries

19 Home Office Bert Long Jr. with his legacy specialist, Pete Gershon Bulk of records are kept in his home office Immediate Goal: 1.Gather and identify images to appear in book: Bert Long: The Artist’s Journey (working title) 2.Pete is currently inventorying works in home for estate planning

20 Plan to relocate files (December/January) to new file cabinets (will replace stacks of boxes and files) Home office Home office (area to Bert’s right)

21 Slides scanned so far approx. 1,000 onsite approx. 3,700 offsite Remaining slides to scan need to be relocated from about 10 ofc boxes to archival slide containers (likely done offsite) Hope to eventually migrate video collection of documented installations and events Many photo items in need of development

22 Bert Long’s Studio (Joan’s half) Bert Long with Legacy Specialist, Amye McCarther, cataloging prints Special Issue: A/C in Bert’s studio goes out

23 Studio organization tabled for now Special Issue: Legacy Specialists need reigning in Special Issue: Bert suffers a fall mid October

24 Toby Topek Goals: 1.Organize paper files 2.Organize & identify images (slides) 3.photograph undocumented works 4.Address space issues in studio 5.Create website (recently added) Toby Topek with her work c. 1983

25 Technology & Database Capacity Rating: 0 -1 (scale from 1 to 5) Does not have a computer and doesn’t want one Relies on local vendor for email maintenance and other printing needs Will acquire an external hard drive thru the program Database Have scanned 780 slides since beginning of October and about 500 documents and photos Artwork List: 21 entries Exhibitions: 121 entries Contacts: 23 entries Institutions: 55 entries

26 Most to all records are in located in home office Large walk in closet located on second floor of townhome- bedroom transformed into her office

27 Binders include slides and photos, as well as clippings, press releases, etc.

28 Slides were also located in 30 shoe boxes and other small containers Special issue: communication difficulties

29 Slides not in binders were inventoried and relocated

30 Jonathan Leach scanning Toby’s slides Special issues: mobility issues & difficulty working with other legacy specialists


32 Jonathan Leach building shelves for Toby’s studio Work area set up in Toby’s patio Toby had items stored in tub chaotically before shelving was built

33 Expansion of storage space View into large closet (studio was originally used as a separate apartment Special issue: question feasibility of building /constructing for the program

34 Toby Topek Studio Storage Issues Mobility decreasing, requiring new systems for organization

35 Other Areas include garage and third floor Garage Storage

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